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Arkwright Family


When James Arkwright? founded the town during the late 1700s, he encountered a tribe of Paomet natives who had survived the colonization of their land two centuries before. A vampire called the Spaniard had made them all immortal, and they turned their dark curse on young James. From that day forward, James has ruled the Arkwright family through terror and violence, casting a terrible shadow over them.

The Arkwrights are a rather tragic family, a symbol of the supernatural's influence over mortals if left unchecked. They live in constant fear of James, their vampiric ancestor, who comes and goes into their homes as he pleases, taking what he wants and permitting them to live. Many of the Arkwrights have fled from Haven, but those who remain have dug deep roots, having already laid out their proverbial coffin for James to drive proverbial nails (or, less metaphorically, fangs) into.

Faction Views
The Arkwrights have a deep resentment of the factions of Haven, driven home by James Arkwright. Because of this, they often don't lend whole groups their support, but rather prefer relationships with individuals instead, especially those who treat them patiently and kindly, a strong contrast to the way James handles them. Of course, the Arkwrights are no stranger to self-preservation, and can easily be bullied by the factions for whatever resources their individual members have to bear.

The Ancestor

James Arkwright?
Wicked Uncle

The Favored

Declan Arkwright?
The Town Shrink

The Twins

Eileen Arkwright?
Disgraced Doctor

Hayden Arkwright?
Keeper of the Dead

The Children

Adriana Arkwright?
Blood Marketeer

Lionel Arkwright?
The Isolated Poet