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Blackfield Institute

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Blackfield Institute

The Institute is composed of three branches that address the needs of Haven's supernatural population.

The boarding school takes in young adult supernaturals and suspected potentials to provide an environment aimed at both awakening their latent powers and protecting the community from any associated danger as these new abilities manifest.

The clinic is the expands on this capability for care by providing a location to house and rehabilitate supernatural elements and their victims. It focuses on study and treatment of these phenomenon. In practice, it doubles as a prison that secret societies use to remove each other from the board in their endless schemeing.

The Haven's Sheriff's department investigates the paranormal in Haven and helps to keep the sometimes messy activities of the secret societies hidden. Though cover-ups are part of the job, the department is often directly involved in collaborations to get more supernaturals interned in the institution to protect the community.

A mysterious group of outsiders known as the Blackfield group run the institute. Though often producing mixed results, their dedication to the relatively small campus is unrivaled and almost innate. Staff, as they are most commonly called, bear an almost familiar appearance to one another and are chosen exclusively for senior positions at the Institute.

The group supplements their dedication with outside expertise through its contractor program, bringing in trained researchers as well as secret society professionals. These contractors, while not as trusted, help the institute to be far more effective and efficient in their designs that they would were they more insular.

Academy Faculty

Gabriella Worthington? xxx-xxxx

English Literature

Course information.

College Faculty

Iain Wakeford? xxx-xxxx


Blackfield's Librarian.

Clinic Staff

Candi Kane? xxx-xxxx

Head Clinician