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Dajerinco Tribe

The Dajerinco Tribe

In Navorost, the Wilds, the People are formed from many nomadic Tribes, come together to fight against Imperial rule. One such Tribe, the Dajerinco Tribe, is known for horse breeding and training, its fur trade, and raptor jerky. Obviously nomadic, they have a migratory pattern that leads them inland during winter, and back to the ocean during spring. Their encounters with Imperial forces tend to focus on guerrilla tactics using knowledge of the land to lay traps, make speedy egress, and to confuse patrols. The tribe is led by a (non-gender specific) Chief, whose spouse is the Medicine Man/Woman of the tribe. Every member of the Tribe is expected to provide something of use to everyone else to maintain the Tribe.

The Dajerinco Tribe is surprisingly jovial, overall. Singing, dancing, merriment, drinking, nudity, and various sports are common during the spring and summer. Fall is devoted to collecting food for the inland winter hibernation essentially. The Tribe does have some serious values that it holds to, including Hospitality, returning favors, and fairness.

Society Views
The Dajerinco Tribe does not usually get involved with Society business, given how little of it tends to occur in the Wilds. Like many Wildlings, they can be swayed to assist in various ways for certain prices, but very few of those prices involve coins, dollars, or the sacred Resources that Society's tend to squabble over. Instead, this Tribe tends to operate in exchange of goods and favors, goods being anything from food to fur to leather to weapons, and favors could be anything from aiding in a project to assisting with a raid on an Imperial target. Most of such favors are bargained through the Chief however.

Birth Names: All children are given a birth name. Given the limited number of people in the Tribe, it is unlikely to be repeated, so more than one name is usually unnecessary.

Earned/Title Names: Usually in the teenaged years, a member of the Tribe will demonstrate a knack or talent for something, and after measuring that talent, a name may be given to them as a mark of honor for it. From then on, most of the Tribe will completely forsake their Birth Name.

Marriage: In the Dajerinco Tribe, Marriage is always between a man and a woman, to produce offspring for the continuation of the Tribe. Most marriages do not require any sort of approval, and the Chief often oversees the ceremony to ensure the two are indeed wanting to be married. The exception to this is for the eldest remaining child of the Chief, who is the Heir of the Tribe. Their spouse needs Tribal support and approval.

Horsemanship: All members of the Tribe are expected to know how to ride, tack, take care of, and train a horse, to varying degrees of skill.

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