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Inigo Family


The Inigos are often and appropriately considered Haven's royalty. An English-Italian family that has been wealthy throughout the family's recorded history, it was Benvolio Inigo who purchased these lands from James Arkwright, later losing them to the Wilson family; despite their losses, they managed to maintain their vast coffers. How they maintain this wealth is anyone's guess, but Patriarch Augustus Inigo? was mayor for a good, long time before he retired to allow Alvin Richardson? to take the chair. After Mayor Richardson's fatal heart attack, Augustus has taken the office once more.

The Inigos are typically greatly admired. They are polite, prim, proper, and attend church every Sunday. The Mayor holds court with a strong moral fiber, and he's often promoted by his supporters as a left-wing conservative, which has made him famously popular with the town's rich LGBT community. The Inigo family is heavily invested in the town's success on all fronts, religiously, financially, and, well, supernaturally. The Inigos and the Wilsons? get along famously, despite their differences, and it isn't uncommon to see an Inigo employed by a Wilson or vice versa.

Faction Views
The Inigos favor factions that draw mundane and supernatural attention to the town. The more supernaturals in town, the less chance it will be overran by the monsters from other worlds. The more people in town, the more the supernaturals are kept happy feeding off of them while they spend their money at the mom and pop businesses that keep Haven on the map. The Inigos especially favor these factions if they treat the townspeople as a whole with warmth, at least in public, and that don't make nuisances of themselves.

The Mayor & His Wife

Augustus Inigo?
Left-Wing Conservative

Barbara Inigo?
Dutiful Wife & Mother

The Brothers Inigo

Romeo Inigo?
Mafioso, Assets Management

Anton Inigo?
Father & Businessman

Anton's Daughter

Sofia Inigo?
That Nice Girl Next Door
The Complete Family Tree
                                                                                        Benvolio Inigo      
                                                                       |                                           |          
                                                                 Augustus' Father                           Augustus' Uncle  
                                                                       |                                           |          
                                                       Isabella + Augustus Inigo + Barbara                    Aurelius + Fernanda
              __________________________________________________|___________     |______________________________       |      
             |       |       |                    |    |                    |    |      |               |       |      |     
Alessia + Matteo Eleonora Cecilia Elizabeth + Octavian Dario + Valentina Arturo Romeo Anton + Angelina Issac Bettany Ethan 
   _____|_____                          ____|____            |              |               |                             
  |           |                        |         |           |              |               |                 
 Lia         Mia               Ana + Julius    Camilla    Adrianna       Dominic          Sofia        
                                |     |
                               Set Malena