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Morpheun Guard

The Morpheun Guard

The Morpheun Guard is a group dedicated to the exploration of and interaction with dreamworlds. Members believe:

  • Dreamworlds are real places, while non-corporeal the entities inside them are legitimate sentiences, e.e. Fantasies. Who can feel joy and suffering and live or die.
  • What matters in dreamworlds matters, protecting dream NPCs from a monster is just as important as protecting corporeal NPCs from a monster.

By default guard members are open with each other about who they become in each world, in order to help coordinate what they intend to do or to facilitate in game discussion about events in the psychic realm and what could be done about them. Sometimes they might pretend they can't access a particular world in order to hide the details of whomever they become there. There is little political cohesion between members, so it is entirely possible for them to wildly disagree on what the group should be trying to achieve in any given world.

RP to be facilitated:

  • Discussing events happening in particular worlds.
  • Debating/philosophizing questions raised by dreamworlds, what happens to them when they no longer exist? Are all people you encounter in a world sentient? Did the person whose identity you assumed exist before you entered the world? etc
  • Planning/engaging in coordinated dives into worlds for events etc.
  • Mystical/Spiritual RP around the nature of a psychic plane, the rituals that can be used to access it etc.
  • Psychiatric RP around split mind and similar psychotic effects of dreamworld exploration.

RP Guide

You must be willing to be open about most of your dream identities with other members of the guard, you can keep one or two back but it is entirely impossible for characters to coordinate or RP about events that have happened in other worlds if everyone is anonymous. This group is absolutely not for people who want to use dreamworlds as some disconnected sandbox for doing random stuff in.

Do not use the term 'dreamworld' you can talk about psychic planes, other dimensions etc. Similarly, you should rarely refer to a dreamworld by its coded name, instead of Courting Disaster use Kingdom of Havea etc.

You are encouraged to come up with your own RP flairs on how your character accesses other planes, do they use meditation? Rituals, incantations. Just saying you physically enter the nightmare realm and find a door is also fine.

You are encouraged to come up with your own RP flairs on how a character might know about upcoming events, disturbances in their sleep, strange dreams, mystical portents etc.

You can join this group ICly with a Fantasy type character, who may only be able to easily interact with others through messages or venues like The Library. But it's probably tricky to do, so at your own risk.

Characters with split mind are generally the leaders of groups or considered more senior because of their increased ability to stay on mission after entering another world. You are encouraged to RP about the mental health consequences of split mind or lots of dream world RP in general. Delusions, blurring reality, needing anti-psychotics or other psychiatric interventions etc.

Please try and think about why your character is a psychic interdimensional explorer/adventurer. For example:

  • Your character is a valiant type who wants to protect people in the dream worlds.
  • Your character wants to gain power in one of the other worlds, either just to be able to go there when they wish and be powerful, or to find ways to translate that power into the mundane world, through creating dreamchildren soldiers etc.
  • Your character wants to explore other worlds, learning about other cultures or laws of physics that apply.
  • Your character wants to grow psychologically through varied experiences.
  • Your character wants to manipulate or change worlds, either for its own sake or for the effects it will have on the mundane world. For example making more dreamworlds highly authoritarian might make people on earth feel more accepting of authoritarian regimes if that is often what they are dreaming about.

Dreamworld Plotlines

(Any Dreamworld owner feel free to update this section with events happening within your worlds you think characters may become invested in, worlds can have multiple plots.)


  • Shu Mountain: Golden Crane Tournament - Acolytes are preparing for an upcoming tournament. [Training PvE/PvE] [Attacking/Sabotaging other Sect PvP] [Cultivation PvE]
  • Courting Disaster: Chapter Two - Remmingtons are suffering miner strikes, Vanderbergs continue to wrestle with banditry, Damaris are having problems with pirates, and the Witheringtons set about building a new art gallery. [Political PvE] [Limited Political PvP]
  • Courting Disaster: Love Match? - In the aftermath of the season's first ball there is much discussion about who may end up settling with whom. To be married may be a lovely thing, but also costs one valuable political proximity to the throne. [Courtship] [Scandal] [Political PvP]
  • LumiĆ©re by Midnight: Silent Movie Festival - The yearly 'Silent Movie Festival' has its 2021 edition, starting with a screening of the 1925's version of The Phantom of the Opera. But what other monsters from the silent horror movies will show up to scare your day? [Horror PvE] [Horror PvP]
  • Time Echoes: Save The Planet "- The Whalers Way Orbital Launch Complex - a privately-operated rocket-launching facility in Australia - has been facing environmentalist concerns from day one, but that hasn't stopped Southern Launch from going ahead with construction and tests, even while the environmental impact assessments aren't yet done, all under the passive purview of Australian's Herald-controlled Government. Besides a calendar event for the protest, interested parties are invited to investigate or otherwise engage in this plotline until it happens." [Saboutage] [Espionage] [Political PvP/PvE] [Ecoterrorism]