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Mother Night


The night, the traditional cloak of secrecy for those who would operate unseen by the waking world - bandits, assassins, witches, thieves, spies, and those who would sympathize with them - is their true protector, she who shelters and allows them to move unseen. Sometimes, in such people, a certain fanaticism towards the dark develops, a loyalty that goes beyond simply an appreciation for the solar and lunar cycles.

According to a Roma prophecy of old, there would be a location across the ocean where the worlds converge. In this place, a great secret could be found - a way to keep control over day and night itself, allowing for an eternal darkness, an unending night to shroud a number of cities across the face of the Earth, to be city-states ruled by powerful, despotic supernaturals, far from the prying eyes of lesser beings.

Besides attempting to discover how to carry out this ancient prophecy, the members of Mother Night endeavor to explore the other worlds and establish bases where their activities can be carried out under the cover of darkness, given that the prophecy - as most are - is incredibly vague as to what this all-encompassing darkness ritual or item is supposed to be, much less where it is to be found. Exploration and study is key to bringing about the darkness to shroud the urban centers of the world.

Mother Night believes this task can only be carried out by supernaturals, and that naturals are simply too weak to live in cities shrouded by eternal night. However, they can be entrusted to live in the rural and natural areas of the world, still bathed in sunlight. Also, given that werewolves are naturally averse to magic, they are simply incompatible with the nature of the society. Angelborn are simply viewed with distrust, too easily swayed and turned by outsiders. But for all that, any of the aforementioned are allowed in on a more strict basis as slaves, as are weaker supernaturals.

Mother Night is not afraid to cross blades in pursuit of its goals, making it quite combat oriented, and the esoteric nature of its existence lends a heavily spiritual side to the organization. A strong, autocratic hand at the top is a must to get such a diverse group of rogues together for a common cause, although the loyal are given a fairly free hand to pursue secondary pursuits, provided they do not interfere with the larger picture, although talking ill of other societies and their members is not tolerated, as it is incompatible with the opinion that one should respect those who would also be willing to fight for their beliefs. Mother Night also believes the key to power lies in the strength of the individual that makes up the whole, and therefore corruption should be embraced in the name of furthering the potential of one's self and the society.

Mother Night also firmly believes that werewolves should fully embrace lunacy, and vampires ought to feed with reckless abandon, being fully what they ought to be. Homosexuality is not looked at with disdain, but rather an activity that should only be practiced by the less powerful slave class, as those with proven potent genetics should be reproducing and extending their bloodline.

Faction Views
The apex of civilization is the modern metropolis, monuments filled with wealth, art, architectural jewels, cultural life, and marvels of engineering. On top of it, most are ancient areas of habitation, with historical significance for both natural and supernaturals alike. So why should these glittering urban treasures be left in the hands of the weak, as opposed to being playgrounds of the powerful? Mother Night believes that a select number of cities belong to them, and will stake their claim by conquering the supernatural communities that are there and either shoring up or installing a loyal, iron-fisted dictatorship. Once in place, and the secret to the darkness ritual they seek is revealed to them, these cities will become enveloped in endless night, where only the powerful will enjoy inhabiting. Weak naturals and supers will become prey or used in elaborate games as formerly busy streets are turned into labyrinths filled with traps and pursuers.

The current notion of what consists of crime will become irrelevant in territories they hold, as the doctrine of might makes right rules all and the ends will always justify the means. The rural and natural areas outside of the cities will be untouched by the unnatural darkness, for food must still be produced and the ecosystem preserved. Trusted supers and naturals will be put in charge to rule over the enslaved weak, the latter used as a permanent workforce for agricultural and manufacturing needs, or for entertainment and prey. All controlled border territories will be centers for slavery, although instead of spreading darkness there, clues for the obscure ritual of eternal night shall be sought.

Under the current leadership, Mother Night is also heavily environmentalist, and sees the permanent darkening of large urban areas as a heavy burden to be removed from power grids. Between that and the destruction of fossil fuel based power generation - and the murder of all involved in it, as well as smashing of companies that run it - they believe this objective can be achieved, thereby making the planet less depressing to those who are more closely tied with nature.