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Swann Family


Nobody expected the Romani Swanne family to follow the Inigo family? to Haven. Nobody expected Bianca Swanne to sneak into the town meeting when the Arkwrights?, Inigos? and Wilsons? were signing the charter, and nobody expected her to be one of the signatures. Sometimes fate can be fickle. Still, since then, the Swanns have been a prominent family in Haven, losing their gypsy roots while remaining a thorn in the sides of the local color, especially those who have something to hide.

The Swanns have a strong tendency to get involved in the supernatural community behind the scenes, affiliated or not, and they have long supported the Order's actions at the Gate. The Swanns are wealthy, though this wealth is said to have come from the pockets of the Inigos? and Arkwrights? of old. If the Arkwrights? are pitied, the Swanns are mistrusted by the wealthy community, and the poor envy their riches. Peter Swann is the owner and editor of the Haven Courier, and while it mostly contains fluff pieces, the man has dirt on a great deal of people.

Faction Views
The Swanns love factions that are secretive, especially those who love to pry into the business of others for the sole purpose of information gathering. The Swanns care little about the motives of the faction, whether they are spies for the greater good or selfish shadow brokers. If a faction has secrets, the Swanns want to know them, and those willing to part with said information can receive similar information right back. The Swanns don't mind.

The Swann Flock

Peter Swann?
Investigative Editor

Jordan Swann?
Defense Attorney

Tiffany Swann?
Bold Journalist

Angela Swann?
Local TV Personality

Joseph Swann?
Gentleman Thief


Alice Swann?
Peter's Little Princess