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Templars Of Dawn

Templars Of Dawn

a dove in flight on a sun-gold shield

Many societies around Haven and throughout history speak of prophecies of the end of the world or similar terrible events. While there are many different prophecies, it is the Templars of Dawn's belief that all these events are one single event. Templars of Dawn believe the reason there are so many dreamchildren and other creatures walking out of dreams is because the nightmare, the veil between reality and the dreamworlds is getting thinner and someday the worlds will merge completely. The Templars of Dawn, however believe that this cannot be stopped anymore than one could stop the moon from colliding with the Earth if the moon were thrown off its orbit, so the best any can do is to prepare for this day accordingly. Considering the varied nature of many of these worlds, this will be a very traumatic period for all involved.

The Templars of Dawn consist primary of those with a strong psychic connection to the dreamworlds. This means that most are dreamchildren or powerful dreamers. While this society makes no real special consideration for the difference between naturals or supernaturals, the primary focus is on the mission to prepare the world for the impending merger. While some have the noblest of intentions, others see that when the chaos of the merger settles, a society prepared for this event is the most likely to come out on top after the dust settles. Typically the Templars of Dawn will work to contain dream monsters, objects from dreamworlds, and other things related to things coming and going through the nightmare to further prepare themselves by acquiring the knowledge and resources that come with these actions.

This society can be joined by alts.

This society is open to being joined with society join.

  • Positions: strongly Material, moderately Combative, slightly Autocratic, strongly Lawful.
  • Soft Restrictions: No vampires.