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The Ascended

The Ascended

Symbol: a gold disk inscribed with the Greek letters alpha and omega

Leader: Sajad?

  • This society can be joined by alts.
  • This society is closed, and you must be recruited to it.

Positions: strongly Spiritual, strongly Combative, slightly Virtuous, strongly Autocratic, strongly Pro-Supernatural, moderately Lawful.

Soft Restrictions: No vampires, werewolves, faeborn, demonborn,.

Since the departure of the gods from the world to The Godrealm, their descendants have held a strong pride for their heritage, displaying similarities to their progenetors. Feats of supernatural strength, speed, vitality that is closely tied to day and night.

These traits have fostered the belief that the god blooded are the closest thing to perfection. Over time, groups were formed, some benevolent, some self serving, dedicated to establishing a position of dominance in the world.

The Ascended is one of these groups. They believe that the world needs a firm sense of direction, and that they, being a picture of perfection should be the ones to do so. They hold tightly on to their heritage, and seek to provide humanity with a supernatural leadership that benefits all.

While The Ascended have goals of long term stability in the world, it is not uncommon to see its members falling into corruption and acting in ways that are decidedly self-serving. Still, they believe that Naturals have a place in society, even if it is only to serve those who are better, and so their treatment should reflect this view. After all, it isn't humanity's fault that they are naturally weaker.

A sort of gathering place has been established in Haven, demigods and angelborn from around the world finding a place with Prime Security Services, a local business devoted to security and private investigations, to establish themselves in the city while maintaining a cover to hide their supernatural activity from the natural world.

All seeking this group of supernaturals, and desiring to find work, should call Sajad Rouhani at 7124415.