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The Daughters Of Darkness

The Daughters of Darkness


Pro-Supernatural Slightly
Spiritual Strongly
Combative Strongly
Corrupt Strongly
Autocratic Moderately
Anarchistic Moderately


No Men The Daughters are a sisterhood, like a coven in some aspects. They understand each others' pain, pleasure, and predicaments. While men may claim to understand, few actually do.
No Vampires Vampires toy with their food. Suffering is a fine wine meant to be enjoyed over a long period, rather than bitten and forgotten or be left to spoil.
No Werewolves While their ferocity is admired by many Daughters, the suffering werewolves usually inflict is fleeting and generates more psychic mouths to feed.
No Demigods Demigods have a very different view of angelborns that is not conducive to the symbiotic relationships the Daughters try to form.


Name: Isabella Cooper?

Rank: Mistress

Title: Hellhammer

Name: Runa Svensson?

Rank: Cousin

Title: TBD

RP Hooks

Being Bad - Tired of people telling you not to do this, not to do that, or constantly nagging on you about resources and dues? Screw that. The Daughters of Darkness are very libertine in their rules. Might makes right, so as long as you can back up what you are trying to sell, none of them will condemn you for it. Hell, we'd probably join you if there is room for more.

Being Good - Mostly for the Angels and some naturals, but some people like to serve and submit to a more powerful being, at least temporarily. As long as you follow what few orders are given to you, the luxuries afforded the Daughters are fairly equally shared amongst them. College students especially will still need to be good enough. After all, there is a grade for that internship.

Being Yourself - The Daughters do not hide what they are. They are sinners, and they revel in their sins. As close as one might come to an actual judgment free zone in this world, the Daughters do not assign any kind of moral compass to each member and arbitrarily enforce it.

Being Useful - While orders may not come trickling down from on high on an hourly basis, all of the Daughters are expected to be useful to some degree or another, from basic combat training to the fundamentals of resource contributions to group activities. If you are not useful yet, you can be made useful.

Being Family - Family means different things to different people. To some, it is always having someone to rely on. To others, it is a couch they can always crash on. To the Daughters, it is about respect. Respecting each other to live, let live, share, give, take, enjoy, and better ourselves and each other.


There are many reasons to interact with the Daughters, ranging from simple social interaction all the way up to arch nemesis conflict. Most of the major members are Demonborn, so one can generally anticipate some form of antagonism or another from them. Graceful victims, typically naturals, are greatly appreciated and valued by the Daughters ICly and OOCly.

Conflict over finite resources will inevitably play a role between non-victim sorts however. In these cases, the Daughters as a whole will rarely get involved in an issue between outsiders and a single Daughter, provided that any form of retaliation lands squarely upon that individual. The Daughters are loathed to perform activities even closely resembling so called Gank Squadding or White Knighting.

Angelborn will be targeted prominently, as they are essentially the resource the Daughters are focused on collecting. Faeborn are respected for their ability to cause long lasting pain and suffering, and as such, Daughters will often seek to watch their Courts, their Games, their displays to bask in the the suffering they have produced. And naturally, Demonborn are almost always welcome, provided space, secrecy, and demeanor are of appropriate parameters.

Naturals are food. Naturals are prey. They will be targeted regardless of blood line for psychic energy and satiating demonic suffering via Patrols, Nightmare Pulling, Dream Assaults, and the like. If a Natural does not seem to possess any of the three preferred lines, the Daughters will usually Amnesia them and release them fairly quickly after Feeding. The goal is 1 hour from knock out to release, and the hope is that anyone captured in that method can hang on and be a good victim for that period of time especially knowing this goal. Naturals that can be tested to display any of the preferred three lines may be kept for an additional hour for questioning, conditioning, or possibly recruitment.


Enjoy life. Be sadistic/masochistic/sadomasochistic. Break laws. Do drugs. Abuse powers. Corrupt others. Study or research any topic desired. Practice any art, occult or mundane. Sow seeds of chaos.

Daughters are expected to participate as much as possible in Operations, especially their own. They are expected to all be competent fighters, even if their focus is not combat. The Chain will ensure that everyone has the required training and equipment to be useful for this.

Patrols. Participate whenever able. Listen to comm channels and find opportunities to assist.

Seek knowledge and understanding both home and abroad. Leave Haven. Go to other worlds. Explore. Adventure. Take friends. Learn of other cultures. Maybe torture the natives.

Find the blood. Research ancestry. Seek out the source of the demonic heritage. Commune with others of the blood, exchange ideas and techniques for satisfying the need, practice with and watch others performing their methods. Consult sources of forgotten lore in the pursuit of power, knowledge, understanding.

Strengthen the bonds with the source, learn its desires, reasons, logic, methods, and adapt them for use. Visit Hell. Talk to demons.

Find additional supplies of suffering, angelborn, natural or not. Invite them to share their gift. Satiate the need and thank them for it. Make them feel welcome and needed. Seek their forgiveness to replenish their soul.

Listen to the Cousins, for they can make things more fun. Their techniques are born of enjoyment of the mind, not the soul, but the mind can elevate the soul. Cousins are to be treated with respect, as they worked to earn their place amongst us and did not simply claim a birthright.

Career Paths

Rank Demonborn Angelborn Faeborn Natural Requirements
Pledge X X X College student or Natural, w/wo blood line.
Apprentice X Demonborn not powerful enough to be a Daughter
Gift X X Angelborn, natural or activated
Cousin X Powerful Faeborn, max 2
Arch Angel X Powerful Angelborn
Daughter X Powerful Demonborn
Tormentor X X X Assigned by Mistress to Best Torturer
The Chain X X X Assigned by Mistress to lead in Battle
The Whip X X X Assigned by Mistress as Task Master
Mistress X Possibly the selling of one's soul...