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The Directorate

The Directorate

When the Soviet Union collapsed, a power elite of the nomenklatura from that fallen superpower found themselves in a difficult situation - how to propagate the spread of pro-supernatural and decidedly Stalinist flavor of Communist ideology in a world where they no longer even had a country to call their own? Retreating into the governmental and religious structures of the successor states, they set to work in creating a secret society with roots in so many older ones, a new conspiracy formed to try to reunite the former Soviet Union into one entity again, but under their specific beliefs - and from there, the idea to spread their revolution around the globe.

With this in mind, the Directorate was formed. All of the problems that plague the world, according to the Directorate, can be blamed on any disturbance of the proper values of society, a pervasive rot that occurs when hidden supernatural domination over naturals is disrupted. Environmental catastrophe, mindless consumerism, the erosion of Communist norms - all are symptoms of the disease. As such, the Directorate supports puppet governments sworn to uphold the ideals of their neo-Stalinist, pro-supernatural ideology and will step in to either overthrow what they consider illegitimate governments or shore up existing ones - whichever will fit their goals.

No longer eschewing terror and subterfuge in favor of more straightforward and aboveboard means, the Directorate is less concerned about its image as the sword and pen of supernatural legitimacy despite their moral and ethical relativism, and is more in favor of keeping their actions - and the actions of all supernaturals - hidden from unaware naturals, inspired by the shadowy cabal from which they sprang. Their militarism and unswerving, traditional belief in the strength of the will over material concerns makes the Directorate a difficult group to sway, although they are generally willing to aid other pro-supernatural causes for limited goals.

The Directorate is simply the Haven arm of a long series of global power conspiracies by powerful supernaturals who wish to see the world continue to be ruled by their ideals and goals. Knowing that the modern age has simply led to more disruptions of traditional power structures both by uppity normals with increased access to tools to challenge their supernatural overlords, as well as rogue supers looking to defy that established order and carve out niches for themselves.

The Directorate is the hammer forged in Haven to rectify this problem. Outside of Haven, their aims are many. The most obvious is propping up and securing supernatural autocracies of any nature, provided they follow four simple rules - absolute adherence to supernatural tyranny over naturals, follow or begin moving towards their neo-Stalinist bent, attempting to improve the quality of the environment, and using any methods of education to bend the minds of naturals to the rule and aims of their supernatural masters. Strict adherence to what the Directorate considers the proper rules is an important qualification, but beyond that, ideology is flexible. Broadly speaking, the Directorate also condemns the power of corporations, given their tendency to work for their own profit and with whomever will make them money. As such, the Directorate is bent on smashing consumerism and capitalism whenever possible, especially when it will strengthen the hold of traditional governments and religious organizations that enforce their norms.

Tied into the crushing of corporations is a desire to improve the environment - after all, the powerful supernaturals that stand behind it are all immortal, and will live here forever. The desecration of the earth is seen as a tragic result of consumer culture and unfettered capitalism. Besides the abolition of capitalism, the Directorate also advocates eugenics, forced population control, and even depopulation, if necessary, through carefully controlled wars and resource allocation (or scarcity). Hypnosis, drugs, mind control, propaganda - all are considered valid methods, and while naturals would make up the bulk of those affected, troublesome supernaturals are not outside of it either.

Ideally, the Directorate wishes to establish a sort of iron-fisted neo-Stalinist utopia where pollution is banished, corporations abolished, consumerism destroyed, and all rebellion and anarchy quashed. One perfect police state to extend over the whole of the earth, embracing the traditional values espoused by the autocratic regimes of which it shall consist. And when that day comes, all petty distractions will be forgotten to work for the perfect whole - forever.

The history of the Directorate is an old one, although the names have changed over the centuries. Sometimes on the forefront of revolutionary activities, other times the very hammer of reaction, it has been comprised of a shadowy cabal of powerful supernaturals formed in the wake of the fall of the Western Roman Empire. While the membership has changed over the long years, the goal of holding onto power and attempting to enforce order has been a lasting one.

There have been times of division - the Great Schism of 1054 led to the first major break, and then during the Thirty Years War as cabal members squabbled amongst themselves as to what consituted the right doctrine of order and law. The last major split was during World War Two, when most of the body was split between National Socialist Germany and the Soviet Union. In the wake of the collapse of the short lived Nazi Reich, those who had backed them were annihilated by the victors, and new members were brought in to replace them. As such, the current form of the Directorate tends to have a leftist authoritarian bent, many having been in the governmental structures of the former Communist states.