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The Knights

Name: The Knights of Akasha

Alliance: Pro-Supernatural Extremist

Formal Alliance: N/A

Formal Enemies: The Remnant, Black Sun

Leader: Knight Commander Merek


Members: Diplomat Regina

Funders: The House of Ra, The Red Circle.

Stances: Slightly Spiritual, Moderately Combative, Moderately Virtuous
Moderately Autocratic, Strongly Pro-Supernatural, Moderately Lawful.


The Knights of Akasha were founded in 2000 BC, and its leadership and name has changed with history. It was created to protect the secrets of science and the arcane which has been handed down through many generations, which started with an Order from Egypt that had followed the House of Ra and its varied pantheon.

It has been home to many people that wished to preserve the secrets of the various crafts that were practiced, in a time when it was thought that the populations might move towards many different paths. Besides the preservation of deity worship and protection of the peoples who it held its sway upon, it has also served as a place for research, and the advancement of science and sorcery in the world.

In 1500 AD, it became a Chivalric Order when it was moved from Egypt, to a new home in France. Since then all its leaders have been selected from lines which have relationships to the Pantheon of Ra, and its many old deities. While this is a central focus for the leadership, those from all walks can become members within the ranks. It has adopted quite a few Hermetic views, while it seems to be that the newest name has come from the word 'Akasha', a relation to what is believed by many to be a Fifth Element, Aether, and within the order it's also the name that those which know about magic would call the Source. It is due to this that the Akashic Knights wish to make claim in places where any knowledge might be found, about magic. It also seeks to preserve the Supernatural world.

Command of the Knights has been transferred to those that serve them in Haven. While not all the wishes of the Council of the Akashic Order are made known to the public, it's known that they have been more militant than in the past, and seek to have control of the places which seem to represent special interest to them. Naturals are viewed as lesser beings, however it has become clear to any that know them that some are accepted if Aware, on the basis that they know of their place in a Supernatural Society. There are whispers, that the Order does seek knowledge of the old Sirinia. Those that might wish to serve, do not need to do too much more than complete an interview, however once any oath has been taken at those which have been handed rank, it's not a simple matter to leave.


ø Knight Commander - The leader of the society. These are chosen from those that claim Demigod lines, though it is preferred to be those that the House of Ra approves. The Commander has many abilities as it relates to the society as a whole, and can take on a protege from those that are Knight Lieutenant or above, that will take their place eventually. Has the power to veto laws as well as any decisions of the Council, but also serves them with any of their duties. Leads the standing members as a military leader.

ø Councilor - The Council is an unknown factor, and while the Knight Commander is the known leader of the society, it is these men and women that decide many factors related to the law of the society, while also handling matters of whether or not the society is to move to war or take other actions that Knights can't. Some of their duties are not known publicly.

ø Diplomat - This is a special honorary rank for members of the Knights that have taken no oath and have not reached Knighthood. It is reserved for those that wish to be hired as diplomats for the society, and it mostly welcomes those that have no desire to pursue paths of combat or the arcane, and would prefer to use their ability with professional avenues to assist. This position is also quite limited, and with none of the usual oaths, they have the basic rights with only a few extra benefits. They are allowed to vote in society matters, and if they wish to advance, there are many opportunities for that which involve either becoming a Knight through the usual process, or taking avenues for other advancement. Those that wish to become Councilors are best served on this path. This path is taken while a Page, or if the Council wishes to apprentice someone.

ø Knight - These are members that have taken an oath. They have attained a full Knighthood with the right to be titled within the society. They have permission to carry out actions on behalf of the society in military matters, while being afforded extra rights, as well as having votes on matters of change within the society. At this rank, a Knight can be afforded a Squire that they choose from the Pages that have made it known they wish to pursue the Knighthood. To leave at any rank from Knighthood on and above, will cost payment to the society, to be chosen based upon the reasons for leaving, and will be considered as outcasts. No member is to ever assist someone who has left the society after taking their oaths.

ø Squire - Those that have been assigned to a Knight, in their path to take on the Knighthood as well. These members still have all of the basic rights that Pages are also afforded, still having not taken any oaths, but more is to be expected of them, and they are allowed further duties within the society. They can leave the society, but to do so at this rank, is to make themselves less than welcome to the members, and are expected to be considered outcasts afterwards.

ø Page - These are members that are fairly new to the society, and have not taken any oaths. They are untested and unproven, but afforded all of the basic rights that the society provides. Their duties include any which bring resources to the society. They are permitted to leave the society if they do not find it to their liking, without consequence.


1. A member shall not commit execution without the permission of the Council or Knight Commander.

2. No member shall take advantage of any other member outside of disciplinary actions that are accepted.

3. The Goblin Market is neutral. No member shall fight other societies there except in self defense. It is allowed to use the facilities there on those already captured by the Knight's main society, however.

4. No member is to speak the nature of the Supernatural to a Natural. If done for any reasons that were required, it is the member who has spoken on it that has a duty to assure the Natural has no memory of what was learned.

5. All oaths are considered to be the most important matter of the Akashic Knights. One is allowed to form their own oaths for the Knighthood, but they must agree with the basics: Service, Loyalty, Duty. To break one makes the Knight subject to any disciplinary action that is decided upon, and will more than likely become outcast. All are considered to be made upon the Venetian Treaty as well.

6. Though not all alliances will be preferred, we will stand with any member of the current alliance which the Knights have been placed within for necessity. We will not participate if the current mission will affect the society in a manner which is opposite to its wishes, however if there is benefit for both parties within the alliance, it is permitted. It is the Council which negotiates Alliances, having the ability to declare even a member of the alliance as an opponent.

7. On the matter of the Natural Law, we accept what is written and follow them to the best we are able. However, there are exceptions which the Council can make, and which have been made, to allow for the society to act as the entity which it is. As such, we follow guidelines that would take a while to list, but best said as 'Follow the Law, unless it affects the abilities of the Knights to perform their duties'.

8. This law of the Knights is a special one, and accessed to the public as well as to all the society. All the societies or people which have been declared as formal enemies, means that they will be considered as at war with us. They are not allowed access to any assistance from the Knights, nor to be on their property. Members are to assure that this is followed, from the lowest to the most prestigious within the ranks. You are allowed to serve them at all your mundane jobs, within addition to being allowed to speak with them, however you are not to discuss matters that relate to the Knights with them. Any exceptions to this rule will be made only from the Council or Knight Commander. While you are not required to combat them upon meeting them, you are expected to defend our properties as well as society if they make any move.


ø Awards - Awards as well as medals shall be presented to those that have performed for the society in a manner that has been recognized by the Council and Knight Commander at their discretion. Officers can make recommendations.

ø Combat Action Medal - Awarded for those that have participated in any warfare for the society. Any rank can achieve this medal for participation in combat, though it must be warfare upon behalf of the society, not casual brawls.

ø Alliance Medal - For members that have performed war duties which have assisted any members of the current Alliance in a manner that has assured a victory. Any rank can achieve this medal if requirements met.

ø Guardian Medal - This medal is to be awarded to those that have been wounded in service, either in the protection of another, or in actions that were for the cause of the Knights. This counts only for those that have been wounded more than casually, or have been made to bear permanent marks. This medal has also been reserved for those of the rank Squire and up.

The Statement

ø The Knights current mission statement is to protect the Supernatural world from being known to the Naturals. It also has a few places known only to the Council and Alliance where it wishes to take a place for rule. While it holds itself more to a Knight's Code, still it is a society, and it can be expected for them to have a different view on what that means. It also seeks to create a New Dawn in the hopes that it will bring back mana to Earth, and in addition, bring back various forms of respect for Pantheons which have an alliance with the House of Ra, such as includes the House of Odin and also the House of Zeus.

Naturals, Vampires, Werewolves

ø Naturals will accept that all Supernaturals have been granted special rights by what line that they claim. They are expected to be subservient, however few will make the rank of Knight without extensive training. Vampires are expected to feed only on Naturals that are not member to any society, or those which have granted special permission. Werewolves, while respected by the society, are not allowed because of their views on magic. (Naturals will be considered servants, expected to follow the command of any and all Supernaturals within the society.)


ø N/A - No society plots have been run, but there should be story for this eventually that is central to the members. Any suggestions should be sent to Merek in-game.

Decorated Members

ø Merek - Combat Action Medal.

Decorated Alliance Members

ø N/A - N/A


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