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The Order Of The Black Sun

The Order of The Black Sun

Leader: Alexander Rodriguez
Symbol: A black disk with red and white outlines

Part of the Balanced & Anti-Supernatural Alliance
This society cannot be joined by alts.
This society is open to being joined with society join.

The Order of The Black Sun is a group of human resistance fighters whose ultimate goal is to break supernatural control wherever they can. They view supernatural rule as the greatest sin against humanity and must be broken. Because they are an exclusively human society and do not have a lot of power they run like a guerilla fighting force, focused on harassing supernaturals and the societies that control governments as much as possible.

Thievery, assault, kidnapping, spying, harassment, and anything that annoys or disrupts supernaturals and their goals to control humanity is in their tools of methods they use.

All supernaturals are viewed as potentially falling towards their corruption, so even good supernaturals could turn evil at any moment. And while humans may still have evil tendencies its not ingrained in them like supernaturals. Because of this they tend to be a little more careful about how they conduct their war against supernatural control, avoiding collateral damage and moderating their actions based upon the corruption of their target.

Until recently the group was about preparing for a potential genocide in a vision that its founder had, but this has been downplayed and is not really the focus of the group anymore. Though there are people that like its founder have had visions of a genocide against humans still left within it.