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The Samaritans

The Samaritans

Symbol :a skull wearing a ww1 helmet, one end spikedLeader :Fritz?

This society can be joined by alts. This society is closed, and you must be recruited to it. Positions: moderately Spiritual, strongly Combative,, strongly Democratic, moderately Pro-Supernatural,. Restrictions: No vampires, werewolves, angelborn,.

The Samaritan Motorcycle Club is actually the United States cover for an old and ancient organization whose name has been lost to time. This order of warrior monks found a way to grant themselves supernatural abilities by marking their bodies permanently, doing so with ancient runes and symbols. Members of the order were chosen exclusively from those who've suffered great trauma, who had no families or emotional attachments and could focus on their duties. Their objective in those times were clear: protect the world from the supernatural, using the gifts granted to them by their markings to fight them on equal or greater footing. These goals in the beginning meant a lot of things. It meant keeping the ruling class free of supernatural influence, it meant keeping the supernatural from being worshipped like Gods. They failed.

In modern times, with supernaturals controlling the government, celebrities being idolized, the order has not only failed in its task but had to adapt. With the Samaritan Motorcycle Club as its primary cover, there's also Samaritan Shipping, a truck delivery company. These allow them to wander the States with a degree of autonomy. Their chapterhouses and warehouses are few and far between, and you'll never find more then a dozen Samaritans in one place, and that's if you're lucky. They also have long since stopped the crude branding and ritual scarfication, though more hardcore members still tend to do it as a way to prove how tough they are. Instead, their Grimoires (something each chapterhouse has) feature markings and tattoos that seem to work, even despite the modern design of a great deal of them.

The Haven chapterhouse is the oldest, primarily due to its proximity to the Gate. Some suggest that the order itself had Wildling roots, but that hasn't been proven. While the fire that ravaged Haven took out their headquarters, the Samaritans have returned to rebuild. Having failed in their original mission, the Samaritans leadership has fallen to the same corruption the rest of the supernatural world is infamous for. While some still wish to protect humanity, the majority are bitter cynics just trying to survive in a world they believe they failed. The Samaritans of Haven prefer their new prospects to be selected from seniors of the Academy, or recent graduates, and often visit the Institute to see if anyone fits the bill. The Samaritans have five roles that each member has, selected after their training, often harsh, is complete.

The Artists are the ones who are taught how to mark the others and grant them abilities. They're often not just primarily Artists, but are highly valued and respected.

The Warriors are those who have dedicated their lives to martial training and self-control. Stoic and somber, the Warriors are charged with protecting the order and its members, as well as enforcing its will.

The Unkept are those who have dedicated their lives to ritualism and arcane knowledge. Due to the Samaritans being no Circle, they're often amateur spellcasters, and are looked down on by more professionaly trained Cirle members and Coven witches.

The Liasons are those who have dedicated their lives to adapting the order into the modern world. They often go out and do the more practical work, and usually aren't involved in the more supernatural aspects of Samaritan duties.

The Free are the bulk of the Samaritans, and while all Samaritans are considered equals in theory, the Elders (the ruling council of the Samaritans) don't let any of the Free into their ranks. The Free are those who have no Role but have gone through the training of one. They often haven't decided between Roles yet.