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The Temple

The Temple

This group is made of mostly non supernaturals, they believe that magic and supernatural forces are inherently damaging and should be removed entirely from the world. Most of their members are essentially supernatural hunters or soldiers, religiosity is also very common. Some of their members are extremely prejudiced, going so far as to hate all supernaturals, believing they are evil abominations who must all be destroyed. Some however are very compassionate, believing that being supernatural is not that person's fault, they deserve all the respect and kindness of anyone else, but still thinking that the world would be better served if supernaturals and their influence could be grandfathered out.

Supernaturals do sometimes find themselves in the temple, some are self loathing, others simply believe that despite what they themselves are it's true that by and large the supernatural is damaging. These members are accepted grudgingly but never ascend into the ranks of the higher command structure.

While the members of the Temple are often cast as closed minded or bigots in truth there is a good deal of evidence that the supernatural by its nature is harmful, most supernaturals have a dark side and power is always corrupting, the Gate itself is a constant apocalyptic threat.

The Temple's main interest in Haven is to close the Gate.

The Temple is the strongest faction in sheer military power, mostly due to their number of combatants. All members of the Temple are sent on a six week combat training course regardless of their role within the organization.

Currently the Temple is invested into fusion and pilotless flight research.

The Temple's elite warriors are known as Cleaners.