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Wilson Family


The Wilsons are a family that served the Inigos? during the early 1800s, later becoming independent when they stumbled onto a gold mine, upon which the Bank of Haven is now located. Though the Inigos? tried to take control of the mine, the Wilsons fought tooth and nail for it, until the Reeves family? settled the dispute. The soldiers who served the Inigos? swore they shot Robert Wilson (the bank's founder) more than once, but he showed no wounds later; he lived to be ninety years old, and died in the river while he was fishing. Patricia Wilson? is the current owner of Haven's bank.

The Wilsons and the Inigos? have long gotten past their feud, and are now in a state of mutual respect and tolerance. The Wilson family is rather feared in the town of Haven, known to have many criminal elements and contacts. The Wilsons are polite to the other Families, but treat others who are human and unfactioned with disdain. Wilsons who double-cross Patricia are not afforded much leniency, and it isn't uncommon to see a Wilson man with a bruise or two.

Faction Views
The Wilsons prefer factions who favor wealth and have criminal elements in them. A faction that hires members out for muscle, a faction that deals in drugs or flesh, a faction with a powerful leader, these are things that interest the Wilson family and are sure ways to align them with you. Those the Wilson's support can have their money laundered and the Wilsons might even rent out shipping containers for them to use, as well as some extra muscle.

Elder Wilson

Patricia Wilson?
Iron Lady, Chairman

The Heirs

Russel Wilson?
Black Sheep, Law Abider

Sean Wilson?
Sociopath, Pimp, Muscle

The Granddaughter

Laura Wilson?
Haven Academy Rising Star

Here for the Ride

Noah Wilson?
The Trophy Husband