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Genre Horror, Romance, Mystery and Action
Content Rating NC-17
Current Plot Involvement None
Availability Random availability; I have no set schedule
Contact Preference Note + STalk + Tell, if needed
Okay to Contact for RP? Yes


I tend to prefer ambiance over plots/quests/adventures, and I often reach out to my trustees to engage them in private emotes that help both the player and myself explore the depth and thoughts of any particular character.

That said, I will use the lookup command on your PC if you trust me, and I will pursue you for RP if you have me set to T3. I leave spy on almost all of the time as I look for good opportunities to involve myself, and if your characters are engaging in behavior that you don't want broadcasted, I'll typically remind you to activate private mode.

One final note: I don't tend to shy away from ambiance requests. I've animated a beach, played frogs, acted out multiple films, engaged characters in personal RP that involved murder, brutally abused characters and even critically wounded them at their request. As long as it falls within the rules outlined for story runners, I'll do nearly anything.


  • Very little is off limits. That means that I'll perform whatever I feel is necessary to make a story to come together, but I won't maliciously attack players.
  • I prefer to wound rather than kill, but I follow the rules of Help Story Death and you should, too.