\ Haven:Mist and Shadow OutOfStories/Glory


Genre Any and All
Content Rating PG-13+
Current Plot Involvement Pending Approval
Availability Most days, usually will at least check in
Contact Preference Note, Stalk
Okay to Contact for RP? Yes


  • Encounters: I will run them. If the player wants continuation of one of my encounters, feel free to submit a story idea and I will see what I can do. If it's interesting enough that I can make a full plot out of it, I may submit the idea myself with player permission.
  • Adventures: Love them. Ideas and setups for my adventures vary, but most will require multiple scenes. I like backstory and built-up horror more than straight, go in, fight monster, dead sort of deal. I'm more American Horror Story as opposed to 'Saw'. If you like force and action plots, mine will not be for you.
  • Plots: Plots occurring in Haven are more likely to be a shoot-off from an encounter. If I have a good idea, I will run one, and times will be posted to join in if you wish.
  • Ambience: I prefer to do ambiance that I'm told about ahead of time so that I can have an idea of what I'm about to run. Glad to do it, all the same.
  • Quests: Ask and ye shall receive. I generally only run them if personally asked, so if you like one of my other ventures and want me to run it, go ahead and submit it with a note that says you'd prefer me claim it. I'll accept.


  • In my adventures, solely using brute force will usually get you somewhere. That somewhere is probably a cell/cave/morgue. Sometimes it works, of course, but see above- I like story more than action/adventure type plots.
  • I try not to kill players. The only times I -would- kill players is if it's absolutely necessary to the story (with a high-severe rating) or if you do something incredibly, incredibly stupid. Death on moderate-rated adventures tends to be easily avoidable, but possible... if you ask for it with a light-up sign.
  • Wounds are a little easier to come by, but I try to be fair with those. I don't wound for no reason. If you do an action and think 'is this likely to cause an injury?' in your own head, then you will probably get injured.


Danger Ratings:

  • Note, ratings are subject to change depending on player action, but it'll provide an idea of what the SR wants the plot to be like.

None: Storyrunner will not kill/injure players. PvP is off limits. Guests/SR emoted characters/SR made monsters will not attack.

Low: Injury from SR is possible, death will not happen. PvP is restricted, either by asking nicely or by plot restraints. Guests/SR emoted characters/SR made monsters will not attack.

Moderate: Injury from SR is likely, death is possible. PvP is as normal in Haven. Players may be attacked by guest, SR emoted character, or SR made monster but coded combat will not be central to the story and will not be intended to kill.

High: Injury from SR is certain, death is possible. PvP is encouraged. Players may be attacked by guest/SR emoted character/SR monster with all the dangers of coded combat.

Severe: Injury from SR is certain, death of a PC is likely. PvP is enforced. Players will likely be attacked by guest/SR emoted character/SR monster with all the dangers of coded combat.

If you are in a low rated plot and you decide to swallow a gallon of bleach, it will kill you. Use common sense.