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Genre (Horror, Romance, Action, Adventure, Intrigue/Political, Fantasy)
Content Rating Generally NC-17.
Current Plot Involvement Honor and Blood
Availability Varied hours. Typically late, game time. Odd hours. Can have more flexible play times as requested.
Contact Preference Notes and Stalk.
Okay to Contact for RP? Yes!


Be a gambler. Expect choices and cause/effect situations whenever I'm running a scene, be it as simple as an action scene where you're showing off your moves, or political intrigue, where you're using deception or other tools to get your way. Sometimes you're going to choose Paragon, and sometimes you're going to choose Renegade, you merely need to be prepared for the consequences or rewards involved in those choices.

I quickly launch into stories, but I can also take the time to write detailed plots that might typically involve you for weeks at a time. Resolution depends on player action. It can happen quickly, but typically, don't expect that to be the end of it.


  • I hate, hate, hate slow combat. Slow combat is the cancer that is killing Haven. If there are a few people present, I might use it to represent coded comparison to a threat. It's merely for mood intent. If more people arrive to the scene, or the action becomes too reactionary to warrant coded battle, I will resort to a purely emoted scene with some stats to represent various things that take place. Typically, the more people that involve themselves, or the further a scene is escalated, the more I will respond in kind. A threat I introduce remains a threat, unless the players are craftier than using pure brute force. Brute force will get you hurt, badly.
  • EDIT: Given the current atmosphere of Haven, I still prefer risky scenarios over the nonrisky. Expect some bad things to happen to your characters sometimes in my plots, but a lot of the stuff I'll be running for the forseeable future won't really even require advanced trust to take part in.

My record:

Haven 1.0 Metaplot: The End - Complete

A Swift Hand, An Unyielding Force - Complete