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Genre Busting. But really, ambience, adventure, horror
Content Rating NC-17
Current Plot Involvement The Seekers - Various plots.
Availability Weekends and evenings are preferred (EST)
Contact Preference Note if offline, Stalk for general things, tells for if you want me specifically.
Okay to Contact for RP? Absolutely!


I've done some ambiance scenes in an effort to make the vNPCs/world more apparent and imersive and to give an idea to the PCs that the world is much bigger than the handful of people in each faction.

I like to start doing some plots that are more about RP, decision making, logic and so on. I definitely could include battle as part of it, but as a whole I find it more fun to have characters find non-violent ways to solve things. Many of my plots will be more survival-horror based.

  • I'm new at this, so please be patient and forgiving if I make mistakes.
  • I do expect people to really RP well if you're involved in my plots. If you do stupid things or things that are really inappropriate, it's entirely possible the consequences will not be favorable to your character.
  • While I don't plan on having a whole ton of battles, this does not mean your characters are necessarily safe in my plots. When I'm just doing ambiance, I never try to instigate violence. In plots, however, there could be situations that could get your character killed or badly hurt if they aren't careful.
  • Realism: If you're in a tense situation, such as combat or otherwise, I will politely ask that you not consider talking to be a free action and that kind of thing. This sort of goes along with the earlier point of just RPing well in general during scenes.
  • Thinking/RP/Outside the box: I'm beating a dead horse at this point, but I believe RP != defeat all obstacles with brute force. I like seeing characters who can problem solve by avoiding conflict, outsmarting it, etc.


"Haze offered to run ambiance for an event I held and was excellent. I'm a big fan of low drama, subtle ambiance which Haze managed to nail perfectly. Thank you very much, Haze!" - TPO Talessa