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Genre Horror, Action, Mystery, and General Ambiance
Content Rating Mostly NC-17/R
Current Plot Involvement Triple Crown Subterfuge (Personal Quest)
R-HELP: Tripping the Snare (On Hold)
Previous Plot Involvement Assisting Acheron's Mysteries of the Sand, Parts I & II
Assisting Acheron's To Blackmail a Billionaire - The Battle for Yerevan
Availability Varied.
Contact Preference Notes, then Stalks.
Okay to Contact for RP? Yes


I'm flexible in what I run and I like situations that allow open-ended avenues. I will not hesitate to give appropriate consequences to actions if the situation calls for it, but I will usually give mostly clear opportunities to avoid certain scenarios. I participate in both lighter ambiance and slice-of-life scenarios, as well as those which are darker and more grim.

I tend to prefer smaller groups with more personalized roleplay. I'm a big fan of the senses and people really knowing and feeling their environment.


  • It is possible to die in my plots, but it will only happen very rarely. Death or maiming will never be a necessity.
  • If I am assisting another Storyrunner, the plot itself and consequences are typically mapped out with them beforehand. My job in that case is to bring their stories to life.