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Genre Horror/Action/Science Fiction
Content Rating PG13-R
Current Plot Involvement None - ADVENTURES!
Availability 8-12 most weeknights, most of the day weekends
Contact Preference Note\STalk
Okay to Contact for RP? Yes


This story runner has a preference for spontaneously running one shot adventures and monster-of-the-week type plots. This story runner was known as 'Teeth' in Haven 1.0 and is known as 'Lurch' in 2.0.


  • This SR has a preference of using coded combat over non-coded conflict if whatever fighting's going on is more than a few blows or over a certain scale.
  • Player death is hopefully going to be pretty unlikely in his adventures, but soft failures or problems for vNPCs involved with the plot/adventure might likely come up in the event of the players 'losing'. This doesn't mean people won't die if it's warranted. See help story death.
  • It's not uncommon for the players to inadvertently be committing acts considered to be morally wrong or questionable over the course of the adventure. If what you're doing seems like the right thing it might be wrong. If it seems like the wrong thing it's definitely probably wrong.

Logs and Summaries

Haven 1.0, as Teeth

A Cabin in the Woods

A member of the Watchers sought out assistance from the factions in obtaining a grimoire lost in a cabin located in the woods in between Haven and Boston. He claimed that several other Watchers had been previously sent to collect it, but for some reason contact was lost with all of them. A member from the Temple, Order, and Hand each went out to the cabin only to find that the entire thing had been a trap laid by a group of Keepers to try and lure supernaturals out from the protection of Haven. The trio fought off the Keeper ambush and collected the book, which happened to have been real, for a small monetary reward.

Monsters and Mazes

Several civilians and one PC were abducted from Haven by an unidentified party and placed at the end of a warehouse turned into a trap filled maze. A member of the Order was then invited to attempt to navigate the maze and save the hostages. Though several civilians died as a result of certain traps being set off, the abducted PC and the Order member were overall able to save a number of the hostages.

Exterminators Wanted

Rushell Industries put out word that it was offering supernatural parties a cash bounty if they assisted in clearing out an 'infestation' one of their facilities had. Hiring two Order members, it was revealed that one of their buildings was working on raising snnkarr, a species of giant insect normally found in the Shroud, for the purposes of rending down its parts into industrially useful components. The bugs, however, had somehow escaped their enclosures and proceeded to overrun the building and the surrounding grounds. Provided with a canister of toxin, the duo was helicoptered out to the facility and tasked with poisoning the bugs' food supplies. Starting from the top of the building, the pair made their way down into the structures bowels, where one of them was wounded by the swarm of insects swarming down there. Overall, however, the two were able to successfully poison the insects and escape the destroyed complex.

A Bump in the Night

For several days a strange, frequently subterranean creature stalked several children throughout Haven, creeping through some of their homes and attacking a number of them while in a secluded cemetery. The thing then abducted one of them and drug them through the ground back to a secluded cabin out in the woods of Haven. The thing then revealed itself to be Lily, a shifter resident to Haven whose powers had been corrupted after it'd been turned into a Devourer. The child, who was an orphan, was abducted by Lily for the purposes of being used as something of a continuous stock of human flesh, wherein she would 'care' for the child in the cabin in exchange for eating hunks of meat from him every now and again. A trio of children, friends with Lily's captive, followed the trail left behind as she took him away. Lily attacked them in her hideous hybrid form, attempting to either drive them off or take another captive. The three, aided by the fact that one of them was a budding sorcerer, burnt and beat Lily to submission before finding their missing friend. Lily was left, in human form, naked, muddy, and critically injured at Haven's hospital, thus revealing that apparently children are the real monster.

Tell Them What They've Won

Several residents of Haven are invited (and one abducted) to unknowingly play for an underground supernatural game show by the name of "Monday Night Massacre". Hosted by a man going by the name "Teddy Savage', the contestants played for the lives of a number of hostages against the show's returning champion, playing games and answering trivia questions where failure resulted in a hostage's execution. Though vast swatches of the hostages died in the process, some, at least, were successfully saved by the contestants.


Stakes on a Train

A vampire-based criminal organization looked to the supernatural to assassinate a snitch from their group traveling under FBI watch before he could testify against them. The FBI in turn hired several supernaturals to bolster their defenses against the assassins. Facing off in a train, the assassin team managed to kill the target before the train arrived at the station.

End of Haven 1.0 Metaplot - Abomination

During the end of Haven 1.0, an amorphous, black voidbeast lurked the town's sewers and streets, posing a threat to those trying to use the tunnels to travel.

Haven 2.0, as Lurch

Dangerous Game

An old hunter hires a group of mercenaries to assist him in killing a vampire. Leading the group to a warehouse the vampire and his lackeys had turned into a den of sorts, the mercenaries slip in and dispatch a number of the lackeys using stealth before a fire fight breaks out. Though several members of the party become wounded in the process the group is able to slay the targeted vampire and speed off before the police arrive on scene.

Nightmarish Prey

The hunter re-hires the mercenaries to help kill a demonborn with illusion powers squatting in a series of abandoned subway tunnels. Dealing with several illusions meant to scare them off and one very real giant spider the demonborn somehow acquired, the group corners the demonborn in his hovel. Tricking one of the mercenaries to attack one of the others, the wounded demonborn tries to flee up into a series of maintenance hatches. Coating revolver rounds in his blood, he engages in a standoff with one of the mercenaries that leaves the demonborn dead and the mercenary critically wounded. Retrieving their injured comrade, the group flees back to Haven.

Wolf Hunt

The hunter takes on the group for one last target: an old werewolf. Leading them to a fortified cabin out in the woods, the hunter secretly tortures a young werewolf kidnapped from his target's pack to try and draw in the monster he's after. Luring in the entire pack, the mercenaries and the hunter have a pitched battle in the dark woods against the assaulting werewolves. Several mercenaries are wounded, with at least one or two receiving potentially infectious werewolf bites, and the hunter has one of his arms ripped off by the beast he was after, but the trip itself ends with something of a success when one of the mercenaries runs the old werewolf over with a truck. The hunter, revealed to be a Keeper, is successfully transported to the hospital in Haven. During the night, however, he kills himself now that his list of targets is finished and to avoid turning into a werewolf, thus retiring from the hunt.

Man or Monster

Two well off men warped into identical monsters by the Fae as some sort of game are told that if they can return to their lives if they kill the other, assumed by each to be a real monster. Each man gets the bright idea of hiring supernaturals from Haven to help them in the task, leading to a confrontation between the group of unfactioned individuals hired by one and a mix of Temple and Hand members brought in by the other in a run down hotel. The fight ends with both groups killing the other's, or their own, employer and with the hotel being lit on fire in an act of arson.

A Sordid Affair

Juniper is invited to a soirée held at a mansion. Mingling with guests that each stand tall in their respective areas, it's discovered by the butler that the party's host had been murdered. Distrustful of one another, the guests rely on Juniper as an unbiased party to try and figure out which guest committed the crime. Though it was eventually revealed who the murderer was, illusionary clues created by the culprit misled the would-be detective long enough for her to escape.

Help Wanted

A 'business' man hires a pair of women from Haven to steal a laptop from a club in downtown Boston for unspecified reasons. The duo use their wiles and guile to slip into the club, make their way upstairs, and then safely escape with the laptop despite having been seen by its owner.

Special Delivery

The 'business' man from before re-hires the duo to deliver several packages throughout Winthrop, Boston. One, the laptop from before, is meant to be placed in the apartment of its owner while two others are delivered to a convenience store down the street and to a bank after hours. Several accounts of breaking and entering later, the pair successfully manage to deliver all three packages only to learn later that the latter two happened to contain explosives. One of the package detonates, destroying the building it was in and killing several people.

Wetwork or Clean Hands

The 'business' man arranges some evidence to implicate the owner of the stolen laptop as the bomber, but he needs the duo from before, along with several more companions, to either murder the man in to put investigations off their trail, killing their only witness, or to convince him to take the fall for their act of domestic terrorism. Returning the the man's apartment, after several hours they manage to convince the fellow to admit he committed their crimes under threat of continuous torture should be not. The investigation is then later stalled when the man is found to have hung himself in his apartment.

Season of Hunger

Meant to be more of a research intensive plot, signs in the woods of Haven begin to imply that some manner of monster is on the loose. Starting with gnawed animal carcasses turning up and oddly large, bestial foot prints being found, things lead up to a group of campers also falling prey to whatever it was that lurked the woods. Though several members of Order manage to find the campsite and do a decent amount of investigating, the floods that strike Haven wind up washing away every trace of the beast.

A Cordial Invitation

The Society of Saint Hubert, an aristocratic social club associated with The Hunters that turns towards he supernatural for thrills, sent out an invitation to both humans and supernaturals like offering membership. Seeking 'interesting' supernaturals to bolster their ranks, provide entertainment, and go on hunts with them, one occultist from Haven accepted the invitation. Though not actually seeking membership, the man managed to regale the members he spoke with with claims of his occult knowledge and by showing off an artificed weapon before disappointing them by refusing to join in when the club members turned violent on the supernatural recruits that proved to be 'dull'.

A Time of Feasting

Reports come in that a remote campground in Canada has been decimated by something. A team of supernaturally aware individuals hike out to the campsite to search for survivors. Finding a titanic wendigo the cause of the massacre on the campgrounds, the group drives off the beast before continuing their search. Finding a woman and a dying man first, a ranger accompanying them repairs a helipad meant to be their means of escape while one party member goes off to hunt down the monster. Though he gets wounded in the process, the man manages to distract the beast from the helipad after it's lights come on. Awaiting the helicopter, the group splits up again, with some members going off to search for more survivors while the others wait at the helipad. Encountering the wendigo, after a brief skirmish the group flees back towards the now waiting helicopter, which manages to take off just before the beast barrels out onto the helipad.