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Genre Horror/Action/Comedy/Mystery
Content Rating PG13-R
Current Plot Involvement None
Availability Sporadic, but usually early evenings and late nights
Contact Preference Note or Stalk
Okay to Contact for RP? Yes


I'm a semi-experienced Story Runner who very infrequently runs plots/adventures, but when I do I lean heavily towards stories that involve some combination of horror, action, comedy, and mystery. My strengths appear to be in the horror department, and although they are the least frequent plots I do, when I do run one I find that myself and the PCs often have a pleasant experience. I don't enjoy killing PCs and prefer to try and find some other way to punish them for failure, though if no other alternative exist I apologize ahead of time.


  • Central characters in plots will usually (but not always) face the most risk, though unless you have me trusted to a high level this will most likely not be death.
  • Fighting will be one of the frequent challenges you shall experience; those who do not like combat heavy plots need not apply. Though not all plots will have a lot of combat and other challenges will most likely exist.
  • Some plots, especially the horror ones, will feature taboo subjects (such as rape) in various degrees.
  • Will try to run research scenes as much as possible. Also when doing research make sure you talk to me about the method you are researching and details of what you want to know.
  • I'm a very bad typist and often forget to proof read. Expect a lot of misplaced words and spelling mistakes.


"Noodle. Noooooodle. Noodle, you make me happy. Noooooodle. <3" - P.of Sophie