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Genre Action/Covert Operations/War/Politics/Travel
Content Rating NC-17
Availability Sporadic, By-Appointment
Contact Preference Notes
Okay to Contact for RP? No


There are specific flavors of stories I am looking to tell; they are generally political in scope and nature and very rarely will involve heavy meta-plot involvement. Inquiries and commentary are best handled through OOC notes for record-keeping purposes, though research requests remain the preferred method of maintaining IC plot momentum.


  • Risk = Reward. That reward may be an IC 'win' or it may be a story under your belt along with the loss of a PC. In character actions = In character consequences, this SR is fastidious about realism and brute force tactics will rarely if ever end well.
  • This SR believes in fairies and vampires and justifiable homicide as a defense. Do with this as you will.


Life's A Stage - 11/15/2013: Vivian, Gaebriel, Lucian, Izefia, Sookie, & Cassie are abducted by the Fae and forced into a horrific series of games that they must play to survive. They also manage to rescue a Brown University theater group's survivors and remains.

The Anholt Aberration - 11/16/2013: Vivian, Gaebriel, Lucian, Sookie, & Casey attend a Boston society gathering in the hopes of liberating a talisman of immense power. The hostess of the gala dies in a terrible car crash.

Tower Defense: Extraction - 1/26/2014: Steel, Striker, Smiley, & Shade are hired to extract a rogue ViruTech employee from his apartment building. Hostile soldiers complicate this 'rescue'. Also, cheap rappelling gear. There may or may not have been a zombie. Shit got real.

One Tract Mind - 12/17/2014: Elizabeth, Santiago, & Tylan are asked to put a stop to a Werewolf protest against Rushell Industries expansion. It was a race to stay ahead of the clock as the trio pushed through the forest, cutting down anything and anyone that stood in their path. Except the mini-werewolves. So precious, awww.

Chinatown Vendetta - 01/13/2015: Kurosawa, Santiago, Tylan, Sumner, and Sage travel to New York to investigate the theft of a Hand artifact, with electronic surveillance support from Kevin & Elizabeth. Their inquiries lead them to the seedy underbelly of Chinatown, where they come face to face with Aki Cho, a former Dynasty operator, recently turned abomination in her quest for... whatever it is she's after. Stay tuned.