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Genre Town/Family/Career/Kids
Content Rating PG
Current Plot Involvement None
Availability Random; Some days, some nights; Pacific time
Contact Preference Note\STalk\Tell
Okay to Contact for RP? Give me a week to get my bearings - 10/26/13


I'm looking mainly to flesh things out for the normal residents of Haven, or to flesh out the 'human' side of factioned folks. My goal is to provide your PC with more depth through offering career and/or family growth, school and play scenes for younger citizens, normal crime for HSD types, town events that aren't threats or permanent but atmosphere and ambiance that give your PC characters, and Haven by relation, more realism and normalcy to contrast with the weirdness permeating supernatural and factioned life.


  • My plots and involvement are really really narrowly focused. If you're looking for epic adventures and supernatural development, you're probably going to be better off with one of the other Story Runners. That said, non-threatening, non-dangerous side plots dealing with the effects of knowing or experiencing the supernatural (PTSD, hauntings, grief and loss, family angst) would most likely fall into my purview. You'll never know if you don't ask.

TL;DR - I want to explore, develop and play with the humanity of Haven and its PCs, and see what happens when people invest more deeply into it.