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SR Dakota

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Genre Horror, Suspense, Psychological
Content Rating Mature
Current Plot Involvement Pieces
Availability Weekday afternoon and nights
Contact Preference Stalk, note (address it to Dakota, not SRDakota)
Okay to Contact for RP? Yes
Logs The Road


I once heard someone claiming that people generally don't like storyrunning. I do. I love it. I think it's an amazing way to connect with other players, to both foster and receive narrative.

I particularly love telling stories that reflect the characters involved. Sometimes this is down to guessing and interpreting, but I like having enough fluidity to make my plots responsive to player action. That being said, unwise actions will be met with realistic responses. Use your head, get creative, and I'll try to weave something interesting for you.

I'm also very open to quests and personal plots, so feel free to write a storyidea with me as your claiming SR.


  • Realistic responses: you may get really hurt if you charge into something dangerous.
  • Newbie Friendly!: Please feel free to tell me if you're new to encounters, adventures or plots. You are more than welcome to join in, and I'll walk you through any confusing parts.