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SR Mack

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Image: Les Noces (The Wedding), 1947 Wifredo Lam
“ All art is tragedy.

Genre Horror, Mystery (Neo-Noir, Whodunnit), Geopolitics, Science & Sci-fi, Character Development
Content Rating NC-17
Availability Sporadic, but early afternoons are usually more reliable.
Contact Preference OOC note to Mack (not SRMack) if offline; tell or STalk if online.
Current Plot The Ghost of Tiananmen Square (Click for further info.)

Hi, I'm SiRMack.

I play Haven because I find it cathartic to explore the horrors of the real world with an openness that the real world systematically suppresses — ironically, much in the same way that Haven's in-character supernatural superpowers do as well.

My plots explore these same real world themes. I consider Haven's supernatural elements a means to make these topics more palatable, but not a means to exaggerate, falsify or ignore them.

If you're looking for shock value, you will not enjoy my plots. Horror that revolves around physical threats such as giant spiders or tentacle-monsters tends not to interest me, unless those giant spiders are being used by corrupt politicians to sacrifice the poor and outspoken for blood-money or something. My goal is not to make you scream, but to make you shiver. I would rather unsettle you than terrify you. If you leave my plots either thoroughly disturbed by, or looking at the world in a new way, then I have succeeded.

If this sounds like something that might tickle your penchant for masochism, then I welcome you with open arms to sign your name on the dotted line.


  1. Encounter: Opening the Floodgate
    Date: Friday 13th of January, 2017
    Cast: Kevin Kinney, Lewis Leone, Mattie Moore, Sabrina Devereaux?

A Note About Trust:

Trust is important to me, on multiple levels. The more you give, the more you'll get. I usually try to tailor my plots to the characters attending them, so that I can ensure they have plenty of opportunities for development and see mileage out of their mechanical investments. If your character is a high-statted hacker with the Temple Intelligence association, I will try to offer them a unique slice of the puzzle that only a hacker with access to Temple Intelligence records could obtain. If your backstory states that your character has a long-lost relative in Belize they're searching for, and my plot so happens to be set in Belize, I might notice the overlaps and arrange for them to run into someone relevant to that relative, if you communicate to me that this would be okay.

If your trust in me is set to basic, and I can't check your stats or lookup info to see where your character might have a unique hook into the plot, then I won't be able to do any of the above. My attempts to target your characters' fears, hopes, dreams and potentials will be founded on educated guesswork, and you will likely see a lot less mileage out of my plots as a result. This will make me a sad panda, particularly if it results in you being a bored panda. I strive towards a world where all pandas are happy and entertained. In other words, help me to help you.

If you have reservations about raising trust levels, such as 'unfortunately my character notes contain top-secret information that I want only Daed to be aware about', or 'I'm really scared of losing my character', this is understandable and can usually be solved with communication. I encourage you to contact me in advance if you want to talk about any requests or expectations you have from the plot (e.g., 'I want my character to find their long-lost relative in Belize' or 'I don't want to raise trust levels, but I do want you to be aware that my character has a high hacking stat and will be using this throughout the plot'), in lieu of putting your character into the hands of a stranger. Which is fair.

If you are wholly comfortable with setting your trust in me to moderate or advanced (which are functionally the same for lookup purposes) and want me to snoop on your character's backstory/stats, then I encourage you to do this ahead of time, before the scheduled adventure has started, so that I can plan ahead for any relevant Belize relatives or hacking records etc.

No information gleaned by SRMack as a Storyrunner about your character will ever be used by Mack as a character, nor shared with any other Haven player. Logs of adventures and encounters will be posted only with permission from all participants, with sensitive information such as thinks and feels removed at the participants' discretion.

A Note About Communication:

SRMack, unlike Character-Mack, thinks that open communication is awesome and that there should be more of it. You are wholly welcome to send notes, tells or STalks (when SRMack is listed on who) with any questions, reservations, ideas, requests or constructive feedback that is directly relevant to the plots you intend to attend.

Examples of good things to contact SRMack about are:

  1. How likely is my character to die a horrific death if I attend this plot?
  2. I want someone to run an awesome quest to Belize for my faction, would you be willing to do that in accordance with a list of specifications?
  3. I didn't enjoy your plot, it wasn't very thematic and the pacing was bad. Perhaps next time, you would consider trying [helpful suggestion here] instead?

Examples of bad things to contact SRMack about are:

  1. omg! I love Belize! I wish more people would arrange their adventures to be set in Belize, Belize is such a great country and I've always wanted to visit IRL.
  2. Ugh, so-and-so is so annoying, I can't stand them, did you hear their character killed a cat the other day, I mean like who does that?
  3. What kind of music do you like?

Reiterating: all communication should be directly relevant to the plots you intend to attend. I am very interested in your characters and the stories you're trying to tell, but, admittedly, am less interested in your personal hopes and dreams IRL.

Communication should, as much as possible, be sequestered before and after RP, but limited (or ideally, non-existent) during. I try to provide as much information as needed through emotes and privates, and you're free to prod me in tells if you need anything clarified. Providing feedback during plots rather than waiting until after, backseat-modding and passive-aggressive OOC emoting is frowned upon, and in extreme cases, may see you kicked out of a plot. Use discretion, and ask as many questions as you need to feel entirely comfortable before we start.


"Feedback goes here."Someone who attended an SRMack Encounter?

"Feedback goes here."Someone who attended an SRMack Plot?