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SR Margarita

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Genre Focus Supernatural Horror & Mystery
Content Rating R (Restricted)
Current Plot Purge: "Play ball!"
Availability Peak (Haven nights) & Off-Peak (Haven mornings)
Contact Preference Tell, STalk, or Note (in that order)
Okay to Contact for RP? Always

Overview: SRMargarita focuses on supernatural stories that hinge on believable characters and realistic circumstances rather than dei ex machina and the extraordinary. She believes the story is paramount, and that any situation can be a reflection for character growth. While her plots may utilize blood and gore, she prefers crawling under your skin with creepy, intangible horror that can escape description but blanket you with fear. She revels in the dark side of human nature.

While she is often developing plots of her own, she is willing to work on personal plots, adventures, quests, and mysteries with others. Whether you seek character development or ambiance, she does her best to respond to all tells, directed STalks, and notes.


  • She strictly adheres to the story death policy. If you do something stupid, irreverent, or deadly, you will probably die.
  • She utilizes torture and psychological torment for the sake of story.
  • She values ingenuity over brute force.
  • She is mostly off-peak and will require flexibility for scheduling.