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Genre Science Fiction/Mystery/Urban Fantasy/Most things
Content Rating PG-13 + (Usually)
Current Plot Involvement N/A
Availability Usually early morning to mid afternoon, EST
Contact Preference Notes or Stalk
Okay to Contact for RP? Yes


I'm new to SRing, but not to DMing. Most of the plots that I'll make personally will likely involve "super science" (IE, the supernatural with a scientific twist, think Doctor Who but less cheesy and no space or time travel), situations that both naturals and supernaturals can participate (often times as equals), and fewer Fae, Demons, Gods, Abominations, etc., than a good deal of most plots. I'm a firm believer that scary does not have to be gory, and monsters can come from any walk of life.


  • Doing stupid things on a plot or adventure I run will likely have consequences.
  • Not everything can be solved by applying brute force. That can, in fact, make things worse.
  • Fan of dark and bittersweet endings. Maybe the heroes will triumph, but likely at some personal cost.