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Genre Horror, Action, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Survival
Content Rating

PG 13 - R (Not big on the darker, oftentimes sexual, Rp)

(Not big on blending violence and sex)
Current Plot Involvement (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: A Shrimping Odyssey and various personal quests)
Availability (8pm - midnight Mountain Timezone)
Contact Preference (Whatever floats your boat)
Okay to Contact for RP? (Yes)


I've been running plots since December and so far I've done a good deal of investigation, combat and suspenseful adventures. From Dreamweaver's 9 chapters, to territory battles in the Sudan, to various personal quests recently I've had my hand in just about everything. I tend to longer emotes and descriptions, I'm a writer, and spread many of my plots and adventures out over a few days. Some find that slow, some find it just right. I'm not your wham bam thank you man SR - I like to create story.


  • I usually ask that those in my plots, especially those off grid, to trust me T3/Advanced for the duration of the night. If this is a problem, it's best to find a different SR.
  • My plots take time. Most of my adventures will take you off grid for 2-3 days. Average plot that starts at 8-9pm Pacific goes to 1-2am pacific. Ambiance of course is far, far shorter