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Genre Almost everything
Content Rating (Typical plot rating goes here)
Current Plot Involvement Three Witches
Availability Very late at night and early morning
Contact Preference Note/Stalk
Okay to Contact for RP? Yes


Coming Soon

Winter Adventure Guidelines

I would like to encourage players who come on any of my plots to make sure they have code representations of all the items they’re bringing. So spend a bit of time organising your equipment. If you don’t codely have a coil of rope, you won’t be able to roleplay using one.

When applying for my plots, please always include in a note your times of availability for the adventure

Though death is not a given on my adventures, I will be following help story death. So, if you do something that would realistically cause death, you will die.

Remember, especially in combat situations, to take turns with your role-play and keep actions in emotes to one or two. Anything more than that will be disregarded.

If you need to go AFK at any particular time, that’s fine, let me know.