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Ryans Bargaining

The negotiation in the Town Hall Northern Meeting Room was tense and full of calculated maneuvering. Carmine, representing the Templar faction, approached the Circus representative with a proposition for cooperation, implying mutual benefit if alliances could be forged, specifically in endeavors that didn't involve humans. Kylia, however, was quick to counter the offer, highlighting her views on the Templars' conditional support and hinting at a better deal through growth and symbiosis. As Ryan bustled in with his vibrant gym attire, he provided a more unconventional and laid-back pitch on behalf of The Order, suggesting a harmonious and inclusive partnership—a stark contrast to the strict alliances suggested by the other two parties. His approach emphasized a mutually beneficial relationship without the constant threat of conflict.

Ultimately, Carmine's veiled threats and offer of a truce fell flat, prompting her and Luna to withdraw from the negotiation, possibly seeing it as a lost cause. Ryan seized the moment, highlighting The Order's approachable and flexible attitude, even pointing out The Temple's abrupt exit as a sign of unreliable support. Kylia continued to press her case for the Circus's support, painting The Temple and The Order as entities riddled with strings-attached deals. Her persuasive effort reflected confidence in providing a no-strings support system that would allow the Circus to flourish. Despite their differences, both Kylia and Ryan presented compelling visions for a future where their respective factions could work alongside the Circus, though their methods and conditions varied greatly.
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[Mon Nov 13 2023]

In Town Hall Northern Meeting Room

It is about 50F(10C) degrees.

Carmine makes her way in from the hall and scans the surroundings with mild interest in determining who else is here. She notes Ryan but her expression is impassive towards him. Instead she approaches the rep and says, "We may not be on the same side in most things, but if you work with us we can look the other way on a few matters. As long as humans are not concerned in those matters."

Kylia strides into the meeting room with purpose, though there's a a brief pause as she takes in the familiar faces already present. Unfazed and unsurprised, she offers a subtle nod of acknowledgment, "Whenever I come to these meetings it always seems to you two that I'm arguing against."

"It's one of my jobs. You may wish to withdraw and find a time I'm not around." Carmine offers to Kylia politely as if she was doing her a favor by warning her off. "The Temple has the most to offer, and we can settle differences right now and have a bright future."

Carmine says "Town hall, go to the back of it then upstairs to the second floor."
Luna steps into the bright meeting room and stands next to Carmine, he hands clasped before herself. She smiles to Ryan and Kylia, but seems more interested in representative of The Circus.

Jogging in, still with his gym clothes on, Ryan is clad in a pink tank top and matching booty shorts, with a big lettering of 'JUICY' on the butt. Whether or not he's wearing these by choice or because he lost a bet is a mystery, but the himbo surfer bro is all business when he gets upstairs and gives an upnod to Carmine and Kylia, "Sup, Deluca..." he waggles a 'hang ten' hand sign to Kylia as he says, "Yooo, Nadiay, bruh. Cool to see you here, Booty Crew!" he says as he wiggles his skin tight booty shorts at Kylia. Pausing for a moment as he looks to representative of The Circus, he clears his throat and gets back to it. "Uh...Mister Representative of the um...Circus? So like, yo, you guys are here on Earth, right? And we're on Earth too. And so The Order is totes you're bros." he upnods to Carmine, "So like...maybe sometimes The Temple isn't complete assholes, but, you know. Sometimes they have some total gnarly assholes and mistakes happen, so I don't think you'd want to get shot by one of their more angry ones." he upnods to Kylia as well, "So like...Nadiya is -totes cool-, but her bosses are uh...you know, not as cool? The Order will totes take you all out for Tacos and we'll pass a vib check, my man. We can all live together, you know?" he mentions as he opens both of his hands and then clasps them together showing connection. "Siding with either of The Hand or The Temple? Could put you in like...the line of fire with the other one, but we're totally chill and I have friends in all of them." he glances to Luna, "I mean Luna didn't want to join Booty Crew, but she's still totes cool."

Kylia leans casually against the meeting table, lips curving into a subtle smile as she listens to Carmine, "What you offer is a temporary reprieve from your hostilities. We offer growth and symbosis." She gestures vaguely around, "Supporting these people would only help them to hunt you at a later time, we're clearly the obvious choice."

Carmine glances to Luna then gets a thoughtful look on her face, "You know, sometimes its better to walk away from a bad deal." and with that she turns to step outside into the hall, withdrawing her attempt to sway the circus, a temple enemy who was unlikely to ever support them.

Luna frowns, watching as her cohort exits. Her gaze shifts back to representative of The Circus and she scans them over one last time. "I am not sure I wish to be in the same room as a member of The Circus. May you all be abolished, one day," and she turns to take her leave too.

Upnodding to Kylia, Ryan grins, "Naddy, yo. I'm just right up the street, so it's usually me that's here, right? Gotta do my stuff for my people." he shots representative of The Circus with finger guns, "See, my man? Check it out, The Order is totes the coolest." he jerks his head towards the door, "The Temple just abandoned you straight up. Those the vibes you want for your people? We can even go to The Circus with you, my dude. I love Elephants."

Kylia's expression subtly transforms into one of unmistakable satisfaction as the Templar withdraws from the meeting. A glance is given toward Ryan, "At least the Templars are honest." She clucks her tounge against the roof of her mouth, "I don't think the Order would appreciate your idea of fun. They would kill your buzz if you let them."

"Bruh." Ryan says as he shrugs to Kylia, "Harmony and chill vibes. So like, there's always a way to do things that doesn't hurt people. Like what if The Circus wants to take in people who don't have anywhere else to go? If they treat them well and give them purpose in life? That's symbiosis, man. Just like you said. Everything in moderation, and we can totes find a good way to go about things, or oppose the bad that's out there. Nothing is perfect, just as long as people aren't getting hurt, right? And maybe the harm is in leaving someone destitute rather than having someone take care of them."

Undeterred, Kylia continues to make arguments, her words flowing with unwavering confidence, "If we get this agreed today we can look at getting you something approved in the Boston area." Then she just languidly gestures toward Ryan, as if he somehow made her point, "They might offer you something similiar but it'd always come with conditions and expectations attached while we'd only expect that you support us as we support you."