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Ryans Bargaining

(Ryan's bargaining)

[Mon Dec 25 2023]

In Town Hall Northern Meeting Room

It is about 50F(10C) degrees.

Walking in and straightening his tie, making sure he's well put together as he runs his fingers through his hair to comb it, Ryan upnods to representative of The Chosen as he says, "So uh..." he reaches into his pocket to fish out his phone, checking on an App as he Scrolls through a primer on The Chosen, "Okay, so like...I totes get that you all are demon dudes, yeah? So uh...like maybe if you calm that shit down and vibe a little, we could throw a pool party for you all? We can like totes go to Hell and get a Rager going for all of you dudes. Wouldn't that be cool for your..." he squints as he checks his phone again, "Demonic...Lords? Uh..." he looks back up at representative of The Chosen and shrugs his shoulders as he admits, "Like hey man, this totes isn't my bag, but I figure if we throw you a Rager party you all won't be doing so bad in the way of uh....demonic things, right? So it's like a win-win for everyone, you all don't hurt people, we throw a Rager party in Hell, and like...we totes call it a chill vibe with some peace, right?"