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Samanthas Confidential Report

Amid the charged atmosphere of the Thanksgiving weekend game at White Oak Athletic Field, the cheerleaders of White Oak Institute gather to support their team. The second quarter sees Samantha holding onto hope as they're not losing by much, despite an early injury on their team. Alexandrea suggests a good kicking for the injured player, as well as expressing her frustration with the confusing scoring system, but finds agreement with Samantha that their situation could be worse. Belle arrives late, apologizing for uniform issues, and is reassured by the others that their deficit is manageable. Sienna and Savannah engage the crowd, the former belting out classic chants and the latter trying to start a rhythm with stomps and claps. Belle, energetic despite her tardiness, joins in with gusto, pulling off impressive cheer stunts that rally the crowd.

The intensity spikes through the game, with onlookers, Alexandrea, and the ever-enthusiastic Belle, maintaining their spirit even though Alexandrea truthfully remarks they haven’t had a "real" win in years. Finally, at a pivotal moment, the Wildcats secure a touchdown, only for the game to shift unfavorably due to a questionable referee decision that ignites fury among the cheerleaders and spectators. Alexandrea, Belle, and Sienna are vocally outraged, the anger palpable as the controversial call costs the Wildcats the game. Despite the passionate cheers and the team's valiant effort, the tense contest concludes with a disheartening loss for White Oak. The final score leaves the cheerleaders flustered and indignant, with Belle particularly aggravated by what she deems an unfair defeat.
(A shaky home video of the thanksgiving weekend game, picking up from the second quarter.)

[Fri Nov 24 2023]

In The Bleachers overlooking White Oak Athletic Field
The Bleachers overlooking White Oak Athletic Field, tucked within the heart of the White Oak Institute, are meticulously arranged in neat rows, their polished wooden surface exuding an austere, almost pristine quality. The faded sunlight filtering through the leaden clouds casts an eerie, shadowy hue over the meticulously maintained emerald expanse below, where students partake in fervent sports activities, their fervor contrasting sharply with the hushed, stifling atmosphere of the spectator area. Muffled echoes of distant cheers and hushed conversations barely manage to permeate the stifling silence, leaving an unsettling sense of detachment and voyeurism lingering in the air.

It is after dusk, about 59F(15C) degrees, There is a waxing gibbous moon.

Samantha is breathing heavily when the first quarter comes to an end, grabbing herself a drink as she mentions over to Alexandrea, "Well, we're not losing -too- badly so far." She points out.

"Someone should kick that idiot in the nuts for getting hurt so early on," Alexandrea bitches in response to Samantha, sweeping hair out of her face and tying it back. The bow gets replaced on her ponytail. "...but not too bad," she agrees, "Maybe there's hope yet."

"Hey Belle." Samantha greets Belle, "You missed the first quarter but so far it's not going too badly." She explains.

"How much are we losing by?" Belle asks Samantha as she trots out to the field. She scans the crowd for a little while, looking over the bleachers. "And sorry. I had so much trouble getting my uniform to stick," she explains to Samantha. There's a wave to Alexandrea.

"Why don't they use more reasonable scoring?" Alexandrea demands next, "It's 6-9. We're losing, but I don't know how many things that is because it's not one point..."

"Does seem needlessly confusing." Samantha agrees with Alexandrea as she gets ready to head back out, "You look good though!" She assures Belle.

"That's not that bad!" Belle tells Alexandrea, taking her place on the line. She starts to move with some pep, cocking her hips. "I tried to buy the fancy uniforms," she admits to Samantha. "But I ran out of money."

From her spot on the bleachers, Savannah is trying to create some sort of chant going with a couple stomps, followed by some claps, in patterns, "White...Oak! Wild....Cats!" Stomp, stomp, clap, clap, stomp, stomp, clap, clap. She does not even seem to care if nobody else starts it up with her, she's just going for it.

Alexandrea admits that, "Tennis is a much more reasonable sport."

Belle, late to the cheerleading line, throws herself into it with aplomb: her blonde hair done up in a high ponytail, tumbles through the air as her team-mates flip her. There's a flash of white beneath her skirt as she tumbles, landing with a flushed, pleased smile. As she comes up, it's pom-poms in the air, stamping: "Wildcats, roar! Show them what we're fighting for!"

"... YOU GOT MUD ON YOUR FACE, YOU BIG DISGRACE... KICKING YOUR CAN ALL OVER THE PLACE," Sienna screams the lyrics of the American Classic chant until her soprano threatens to become a hoarse squeak as the crowd joins in, rushing to her feet once more as the Wild Cats score theier second touchdown of the game. She leaps up and down, shouting incoherently down at Belle when she spots the cheerleader go up in the air. But when the energy switches up with a missed fumble, she's just as belligerent, joining in the booing and heckling.

Belle shoots a look towards Sienna as the lyrics float over the field, giving her a pom-pom wave.

Alexandrea blows a kiss to the distracted player's mesmerized face, just before the tackled member of their own team causes her to look surly again.

Savannah is definitely in the school spirit mode herself, but she gives a look towards Sienna with a raised brow and an expression of surprise. She smiles though and joins in, "We will, we will..." Then the boos. She sighs out and calls out, "Oh come on!" Her feet and hands keep making noise, the bleachers probably rattling at this point in a general state of movement.

"Don't just stand there, run the god damn ball!" Avi shouts down at the field, gesturing emphatically with the bouquet of flowers in his hand, as if telegraphing the direction the Wildcats should steer their possession in. At the hit, his shouting changes tone, "Are you blind? How didn't you see him coming, he's built like a refrigerator box!" His encouragement can quickly change to heckling his own side, apparently.

Sotto voice, Belle tells Samantha and Alexandrea, "Lead didn't last long." Then she steps up to the line, hip-cocked, as she starts to wave her pom-poms in time with Samantha's chant.

"De-fense! De-fense!" Belle chants. "Might and heart, take your stand! Wildcats, the best in the land!" The chant is obviously false, but Belle offers a bright, cheery smile to the players as they come back in as if it is true.

Alexandrea joins Belle in chanting, though unlike the peppy blonde, the Inigo has a flat expression as she lies through her teeth about the skill of their football team. Still, the shake of pom-poms is enthusiastic.

"We haven't won a real season since before I was wearing a bra," Alexandrea hisses under her breath, between chanting.

Belle laughs to Alexandrea. "I mean we're good at lots of things!" she says. "Just, you know, maybe not football." At half-time, she bends over, her cheeks flushed from exertion.

"Well, at least we're not getting smashed." Samantha points out diplomatically as the half time whistle blows. "Could be way more embarrassing."

"No," Belle banters back to Samantha. "Getting smashed will be for after this to mourn the loss."

An older man with a stiff bearing says "They aren't hopeless, but these boys aren't going pro, that's for sure."

"We should have a party at one of the frat houses or something after this." Samantha muses, "I'd say our house but like, I don't want to have to clean up after it."

"They always make us clean up after. We'll go crash Avi's house," Alexandrea suggests, "He never has to clean up."

"Totally!" Belle agrees, though she glances at the bleachers. "I might have to take care of something, though, afterwards."

Belle tells Samantha and Alexandrea, "It's still really nice to have everyone out on the team."

Samantha tries to follow Belle's gaze towards the bleachers curiously and then bounces up and down on her toes a few times to try and keep her muscles warm.

Belle appears to be glancing up at some older man in the bleachers briefly.

As the game gets ready to start again, Belle takes a drink of gatorade. Then she wipes her mouth, heading back onto the line.

The phone Alexandrea was thumbing gets stuffed away, her waterbottle sipped from before she heads back to her place with Belle.

Savannah watches as the game might be resuming soon, listening to some of the banter nearby, but not finding a spot to really insert herself into it she just chuckles at some of it, but when the game might continue, she yells out during an important time while the Flashers are trying to do something, "Hey! Yeah you!" She points to one of the Flasher players, "Don't you have a warrant!?" Was it the truth? Who knows. She settles herself down afterwards and looks aside to the others, "I don't know if that was who I was thinking it was..."

Belle offers Alexandrea a nod and a smile. "I'm thinking..." She extemporizes: "Wildcats, Wildcats, let's roar / In white and gold, we'll soar!" A pause. "What do you think?"

"I trust you," Alexandrea assures Belle, "Creating cheers is not my forte."

Carter gets ready as he watches the field reassembling, and at the first moment the Wildcats get the ball, he's yelling, "Go!" only for a few seconds to be like, "No, no, *throw* it!" with a sigh, crossing his arms with mild frustration.

Bouncing out, Belle does a brief cartwheel, legs spiraling up to the sky with a flash of underthings before she bounds feet up, bouncing. She brings her pom-poms together, bouncing as she begins to cheer.

"Wild-cats, wild-cats, let's roar!" Belle cheers, pom-poms thrust to the air. "In white and gold, we'll soar!"

"What are you, blind?" Avi shouts down at the ref in obvious disbelief.

Gemma does not know anything about sports, but she's going to pretend like she does for the time being. Sitting near her classmates, she peers out to the field, watching the players dart around. At least the teams are easy to tell apart, and she knows one side is the Wildcat's goal.

"We're not losing!" Samantha enthuses when the third quarter ends and she heads over to have a drink.

"We're not winning, either," Alexandrea laments, scowling at the field as she rehydrates.

As the sides reset for the fourth quarter, Belle tells Alexandrea, "That was a great tumble!"

"Right," Gemma agrees with Sienna as she tugs her coat over her chest. She could button it, but that would ruin her look. With Carter's prompting she hops up to her feet, and cupping her hands around her mouth, she yells out, "Woooooo! Go Wildcats!" Then she's sitting again, knees crossed as she smiles amusedly.

"Small people fly higher," Alexandrea reminds Belle, stretching her arms across her chest one at a time.

Belle does a back-flip as she gets ready for the fourth quarter to reset, pom-poms glittering white and gold as her ponytail whips around.

"I'm not much taller than you are!" Belle tells Alexandrea with some breathless laughter as she recovers from her flip.

"I stopped growing in sixth grade, it was horrible," Alexandrea laments to Belle, "My cousins were taller. Imagine family pictures with me at five foot, one inch -- and the others at five-seven. Miserable." Her shoulders shake out. "But it's fine. I'm skinnier than them."

Belle raises her voice, making a L-shaped with her arms: gold pom-pom in the air, silver pom-pom pointed at the crowd. "When I say 'Wild', you say 'Cats'!" she yells at the crowd.

Belle yells, "Wild!"

"Cats!" Avi shouts along with the crowd.

Alexandrea helps to encourage the crowd by shouting, "Cats!"

After fixating her attention upon a particular member of the Flashers, Sienna immediately scrambles to her feet to whoop, holler, and cheer for the wildcat making the frantic dash for the goal. "LET'S GO! LET'S GO! COME ON, WILDCATS! WE CAN BRING THIS HOOOOOOOOOME!"

Belle yells out again, "WILD!" Her pom-poms shift as she bounces up and down, high-kicking with a white sneaker almost up to her nose.

Carter springs up, throwing his hands up in the air. "Go Cats!" he cheers out with some sudden enthusiasm.

"CATS!" Alexandrea counter-shouts, shaking her pom-poms with a vivacious plasticky rustling sound.

"Run the ball, come on!" Avi shouts as one of the Wildcats makes a break up the side, and he shouts out, "Cats!" as the home team scores, pulling into the lead. "Finally!"

When the boys score, Belle turns to cheer. There's a forward flip, shouting, her cheeks pink from the cold. "W-I-L-D, C-A-T! Wildcats, Wildcats, celebrate! Tonight's the night we DOMINATE!"

"GO WILDCATS!" Alexandrea hollers, sliding into a front split with a cheery shaking of her pom-poms.


There is a very unladylike, colorful string of swear words from Alexandrea when the ref doesn't call the illegal tackle, her pom-poms tossed to the side as if she's going to go fight about it.

"FUCK!" Gemma yells without any consideration for the crowd around her. She also jumps to her feet. Even without knowing all the rules to football, she recognizes the bad call.

When the Flashers win, there's a long face that strikes Belle. She pauses a little, mid-cheer, and then just picks it back up with a trailing lost tone. "-cats..." Then, pom-poms drooping, she's heading back to the sidelines. "We were so close."

Gemma says "We will just make it burn when he pees."

"Fuck!" Belle says to Samantha and Alexandrea when she's back to the sidelines. "That is SO BULLSHIT."

"SOMEONE FIRE THAT SON OF A BITCH!" Sienna calls for the referee to be canceled from the sport, ignoring the strain of her voice as she attempts to come down off the bleachers, ready to fight just like Alexandrea. "THAT COULD'VE BEEN OUR WIN, AND YOU KNOW IT!"

Another cheerleader physically holds Alexandrea back by an arm as she continues her shouting. Good thing the game is over; penalties have been delivered in football for that sort of poor sportsmanship, even of cheerleaders. She finally shakes the other cheerleader off, only after the ref has fled the scene, surviving another day from the tongue lashing he was about to receive.

"This is such bullshit!" Belle says with a frustrated stomp, her blue eyes flashing upset.

"What happened?" Samantha asks Belle in an aside, "I don't really know the rules that well." She admits, clearly understanding that she's supposed to be mad but not sure exactly why.