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Blackfield Institute

Blackfield Institute

The institute is comprised of three intertwined components: the academy, the college, and the clinic. It serves as Haven's defacto primary and secondary schools offering up to a two-year degree as well as its primary healthcare facility. The structure itself is shrouded by Warden's Wood and outdoor space is restricted to an inner courtyard. Entry is to the compound is highly regulated.

See help the academy, the college, and the clinic for relevant commands.

College Faculty and Courses

Quinn Byrne xxx-xxxx

Mindfulness Psychology

Paul Granson xxx-xxxx

Russian I

Russian II

Latin I

Latin II

Greco-Roman Syncretism

Dr. Hannah Schmidt 712-5600

MAG121: Magic Theory

Explore the history, theory, and potential of various magics in this introductory prerequisite class.

SBIO232: Supernatural Biochemistry

A 2nd-semester class devoted to the chemical compounds and reactions of supernatural biology.

Dr. Ewen Spilsbury xxx-xxxx


A course geared towards newcomers to ritualism; students will learn the basics of performing rituals, gain knowledge of specific rituals and their effects, and be lectured on how to perform rituals safely.


The Ritualist's Compendium: Rituals from Basic to Advanced and How to Perform Them, by Albin Karlsson

A Brief History of Ritualism, by Ricardo Rodriguez

Introduction to Sentient Biology

This course will introduce students to the taxinomy of supernatural powers and their common expressions


The fundementals of the modern body, by Theresa Smith

These staff members have are all either seemingly inactive or are deleted/no longer PCs that can be fingered in game. In the interest of cleaning up the society page, I am commenting them out (instead of deleting them) in case I mistakenly removed any that are still active. - pof Russell

Jennifer Smith 712-4492

Dreamology 101

Covering topics such as dreams, the nightmare, and the uses of both in the supernatural world, this course will give students a primer on the tenuous link between the real world and the dream world, as well as some practice.

Dreamology 121

While Dreamology 101 is not a requirement for the 121 class, this one will present just a brief summary of the introductory subjects, before dwelling further into the topics related to the nightmare and the dreamscape, as well as the uses of both in the supernatural world. This class has both theory and practice components.

Literature: Enhancing the Psychic Mind by J. E. Hothgrave

Introduction to Practical Politics

This course will introduce students to everything they need to know about modern supernatural society, with plans to cooperate with outside partners.


A treatise on late medieval politics, by Alexandra Black

Computer Sciences

Rumored to be currently responsible for the Computer Sciences classes, Smith hasn't been seen giving any yet.

Marguerite Archambault? xxx-xxxx


Bradley Liscom 712-4086

Notes: Can usually be reached between 2am and 6pm, commonly lectures at 4pm

Introduction to Cryptozoology

This course will introduce students to the secretive creatures that live in the forest around Haven, their uses and how to hunt them.

Literature: Uncommon Creatures by Charles Ryder

Introduction to Xeno Pharmacology

This course will introduce students to otherwordly chemistry including how to draw and store energy from supernatural blood.

Literature: Properties of the Blood by Rupert Hoffenheimer

Marcul? xxx-xxxx

Medicine and Remedies

Russell Henderson 712-5880

Practical Occultism

Focusing on the basics of the occult, this class will be a primer geared toward those with little knowledge of the supernatural. The history of the supernatural will NOT be covered in depth; only practical knowledge will be covered here.

Istvan Arpad? xxx-xxxx

Russian History

This course will introduce students to the formation of Russia.


The Tale of Igor's Campaign

The Russian Primary Chronicle

Introduction to Practical Politics

This course will introduce students to everything they need to know about modern supernatural society, with plans to cooperate with outside partners.


A treatise on late medieval politics, by Alexandra Black

Hawthorn Greller? 712-4190

ARC120: Introduction to Arcane workings

This course will discuss the nature of Magic, a practical description of how it is used in daily life as an arcanist, why it is used, and the views of magic from the circles and the Coven's perspective. Later on in the semester there will be hands on experiences, and a practicum will go along with this, upon the students completing the other courses.

Literature: The Daily Practicianer by Jean Dumont

ARC121: The Give and Take of Power

This course will be taking a look at common rituals performed, how it effects the body, what to be mindful of when casting rituals, with later courses taking on topics such as supernatural corruption, psychic ability, and an explanation of humanity and how it is lost over time.

Literature: The Grimoire of Modern Day Rituals by Liam Donovan

ARC150: Introduction to paranormal studies

Well, all things ghosts and dreaming.

Literature: A Dreamer's View by Lisa Brooks-Lane

ARC155: Developing a practical methodology for the Use of Will

This course we'll be taking a look at Runes, sigils, dance, Spell writing, candles, circles, and learning how these things have all been used to help what was believed to power magic. Students will be expected to develop their own systems for focusing their mind on proper outcomes for rituals to be cast properly, and will have a final. This course and the introduction to Arcane workings will work in tandem with each other.

Literature: A Journal for the Modern Day Arcanist by Elijah Blackstone

ARC101: Arcane Fundamentals

This course is a brief study of magic in the supernatural world for non Arcane focused students, it is open to all, and will cover topics such as the elemental plains, Mancies, and a basic description of Rituals and how to endure and cope with them.

Literature: Surviving the unexplained by Malia Corelli

Donovan O Connor? xxx-xxxx



Literature: xxxx by yyy

Brace Fowler? 712-4354

Dance Theory And Technical Movement 101

The course is to introduce students to the theory of dance among our lives, our culture, and beyond; while introducing focus of movement within our everyday lives versus the movement of theatrical expression. The course will also move the practice of theory to be incorporated into application.

Literature: The Body, Dance and Cultural Theory 2003rd Edition by Helen Thomas

Technical form of Classical and Contemporary Ballet 201

During this course, students are taught how to incorporate discipline, technique and form into movement. They will be challenged to study strict formation, integrate such form and posture within their daily lives, and conditioned to perform a recital upon completion of the term.

Literature: Classical Ballet Technique by Gretchen W. Warren

Herbert Whitman? 712-4154

PHIL 101 - Introduction to Ethics

A survey course, primarily designed to introduce students to ethical systems and considerations thereof. The course will cover the three major categories of ethical systems: Deontology, Utilitarianism and Relativism and their applications in the modern world.


Utilitarianism - John Stuart Mill

The Metaphysics of Ethics - Immanuel Kant

Essays on Moral Relativism - Various

Hermione Kingson? 712-4482


Dreamology101 will delve into the studies of the realm of the Nightmare and beyond, detailing all aspects of psychic worlds and abilities.

Literature: Enhancing the Psychic Mind by J. E. Hothgrave

Madeline South? 712-5124

Introduction to Painting and Art Appreciation

A course designed to introduce students to the art of painting, including various art supplies and how they're used, as well as the basics of appreciating art.


The Best of the Joy of Painting, by Bob Ross

Malcolm Thorne xxx-xxxx

Supernatural Law