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House Of Aphrodite

The House of Aphrodite

Led by the Onasis sisters Arianna and Katya, the House of Aphrodite is a relatively new society to Haven. Said to serve Aphrodite herself by striving towards extreme hedonism and the abolishment of conventional morals.

What are we doing in Haven

The name of the game is FUN, the house exist to party, play, indulge in substances and of course sex. OOC: Everything is OOCly consensual. Victims will be asked if certain RP is undesirable and if they Opt out then a scene will adapt accordingly.


"Five stars. Would recommend. It is never boring with lots of fun activities always on the calendar, such as carving with knives or sparring with fencing swords - you know the kind, just a little rapier!" - Yawen

"Total boredom and they leave their people behind." - Marcus?

"Let's make a deal, I'll tell you all about it in... a couple of weeks, alright? Fine." - Crystal

"Yeah, we're like, totally a sex cult! Wait, we're not a sex cult? Am I not supposed to say that? This is complicated, can I just go and shoot someone now, pleeeease?" - Shay

"What can I say, that isn't an obvious lie? Well, we are nothing like how most people portray us as being, except on those things people actually doubt that we are - those things we do. Hmm? No, really, we're just decent, hard working and faithful people that go to the temple to pray every other night. I mean it!" - Crystal

"Comment." - Someone