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The Boys


The Boys are a society that believes that if you want something, you should take it. Primarily made up of supernatural muscle that lends their services to the higher bidder, theyre also thieves and arcanists, not afraid to make shady deals with almost anyone to get their way, including demons, fae and other supernatural elements. Each member of the Boys tends to be left to their own devices unless something calls for more of them, and when faced with a lot of numbers, the Boys try to respond in kind.

The primary goal of the Boys is to carve out their own piece of the supernatural world, typically in high-risk, high-crime cities in first world countries. They have very little interest in the developing world, though they do have a somewhat keen interest in offworld territories. Due to it's large amount of vampire members, they want to take control of Haven's vampire blood trade.

The Boys are expected by other members to be dangerous. This doesn't necessarily mean they're expected to just go around assaulting people without care, but they are expected to generally prey on the weak and make life difficult for those who dedicate their lives to protect them. Otherwise, they compete with other like-minded groups for resources, sometimes starting rivalries with them in their pursuit of power.