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SR Richard

Genre Horror, Mystery, Crime, Personal, Ambience, Offworld,...
Current Plot Involvement A storyline is in progress, estimated conclusion in September 2023. Get in touch if you wish to get involved.
Availability Contact me!
Contact Preference Note, Tell, Stalk
Okay to Contact for RP? Yes, but I might be busy


I make heavy use of the probe command and will feed you information based on your stats. I also encourage you to showstat. I make it a priority to honor stats.

My main priority is for you to have fun and get the chance to be creative.

Giving you a strong "chance to win" is not my priority: I prefer to create story, and, hopefully, character development that you can take with you for the rest of your character life. Sometimes those are victories, other times they are losses. I try to make the consequences for failure interesting instead of purely frustrating.

I'm usually more interested in the storytelling than in the end results. Often, you will end up an encounter or a plot SR'd by me with the same number or even more questions than when you started. In a world of secrecy, to learn something you often need to learn about several other things you know nothing about.

Want an SR in a style not listed above? I might still be available: contact me!


  • 'story death' applies (read "help story death"). While I usually don't have in mind the death of a character, I wish to create plausible stories, and risky actions can have dire consequences.
  • While I just said I don't plan for the death of characters, if you are looking for a specific wreckless plot where you know in advance your character might not survive from, I'm OK with SR'ing that.
  • Despite the previous point, I obviously don't write stories where the outcome is already pre-determined. Likewise, (this should be obvious, but...) I intend to follow every of Haven's rules.
  • I might not be interested in depicting graphic violence of some sorts in torture-like scenes: I am simply not comfortable with some things. You will probably not even notice that, but if you're looking for a very specific sort of thing, I might not be interested in SRing for you. Please, don't take it personally.


The Hattusan Pact

(Note: this storyline has finished)


In the past couple of decades some signs of activity were observed by the supernatural community, actions made that in one way or another related to the old religious practices of the long-gone Hittites. While nothing seems of particular interest or worry about it, these signs are raising in frequency.


  • Mon May 17 2021: A party of Haven based investigators pay a visit to Cullfield, a small village in Lauriea. They went in to investigate a shifty looking earth honey trade business, but instead found themselves learning about some sort of new drug called Mother's potion. Both potion selling and honey import happen on a local venture, a crammed village store called The L Shoppe, ran by a pair of woman twins. The Honey is supposed to be made in Haven's Botanic Garden, even if those knowing that Garden knows there's not enough honey hives there to even produce an yearly crate of honey.
  • Thu Jun 17 2021: Members of the Order and the Temple find out that the honey trade is over, and there is no more Mother's Potion available, but that all seems to be somehow tied with something else: a ritualistic group identified with obsidian hooded robes and a crimson H that did some sort of summoning ritual.
  • Mon Aug 2 2021: By now it is no secret that the plans of The Hattusan Pact have worked, and a ritual was successfully made to make Hatti - the Hittite God Telipinu - walk amongst mortals once more. Now that it is so, people from all across the worlds are gathering to participate in the first Purilli Feast of this millennium in which one might hope to actually be in the presence of the God.
  • Tue Aug 17 2021: The Purilli Feast happened once more, surfacing, once again, the Exile's clearing into the physical plane of the Godrealm. Hatti's foothold on that world is finally settled in, once more. For what purpose, only Time can tell.


Time Echoes started as a series of calendar events that followed side by side with the development of Hatti.