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Log Posting Template

Time & Date 19:00 Thursday 22nd of October, 2020
Storyrunner SRSeye
Type Encounter
Genre Horror
Player Cast Douglas Meeks?, Margaret Jane Ruth?, Linh Inigo?
Content Rating PG-13

Charactername has accepted the encounter. (Highlight the invisible text below to see the prompt.)
Your target is attacked by an animal or small group of animals driven mad with magic, it is up to them to escape or fight them off for long enough for their allies to arrive and help deal with the threat.

At the Entrance to the ^Lodge^
This area seems well populated.
A sturdy building made from old hardwood provides food and shelter for visitors and locals alike. The exterior walls are well sealed logs while the floors are reddish wooden panels that can be found throughout the structure. Heavy beams crisscross overhead supporting lanterns that hang low and provide light to the entrance. A twelve point stag's head is mounted above the main doors.

An overhang shelters the front entrance from the elements and turns to cover the otherwise open porch that branches to the west and northeast and wraps along the building. Both the porch itself and the building are slightly raised above ground level.

It is morning, about 50F(10C) degrees, and there are a few dark grey stormclouds in the sky. In the distance behind you the sun hangs in the sky. Ahead of you is a grassy field. You can hear the sound of waves behind and to the right of you.

Dynamic Places: dining tables
Charctername is sitting at the table, greenish eyes flickering across the street occasionally.

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