• Born and raised in Texas, Sonja developed a love for music at an early age. She pursued this passion to study music in a small college town. It was then that she made the stretch from instruments to DJ, adopting the name Poolside to work parties and clubs. Seeking fame and fortune, she dropped out of school, dyed her hair blue and branded herself in tattoos with her name and logo. The college town was a small hill compared to the peaks she wished to climb and in an attempt to start a career in music, she took to the road to tour and play any show she could book.

    But that life was a grind and she was too proud. While out on the road she got a tip suggesting she head to a small town near Boston where she could make a deal with the devil, completely unaware of just how real the supernatural world was.

  • A lot has changed for Sonja since first arriving to Haven. Gone is the blue hair in favor of a more natural look, and though Sonja's still working as a DJ and going under the name Poolside, she no longer thirsts for the same fame and fortune that brought her there. She now knows what evils lurk in the world and wonders where exactly she fits into the mix.

    Woman or beast? Enslaved or free? She still doesn't know, but one thing's for sure- she'll never be the same again.

  • Name: Sonja "Poolside" Klax
    Intro: a blond woman with blue eyes.
    Birthdate: July 8th 1987
    Age: 32
    Archetype: Human Werewolf
    Society: The Order Project Fenrir
    Occupation: DJ and Blackfield contractor