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Rosies Diner

 Business Name: Rosie's Diner
 Business Type: Restaurant
 Address: 42 Main Street
 Hours: Open 24 hours, 7 days a week.
 Price:($) ($$) ($$$)

Rosie's Diner was founded in 1951 by Rosemary Rolf, a long time Haven resident, who loved to create delicious, healthy food and provided a place for those busy Haven people to enjoy it.

Rosie's was kept running for decades until late 2012 when the diner had succumb to a grease fire. It was rebuilt on Gerry avenue a year later with the help of her grand-daughter, Cerise Rolf.

Rosie's Diner was relocated shortly after to a spot off Hanging Hill.

But, it has found a new home at 42 Main Street as of 2020.

Come enjoy the food, the JUKEBOX, and atmosphere that has been part of Haven for many years.

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"This place has got the best friggin' shakes -- or malts, whatever -- that I've ever tasted. The Lodge's tasteless chocolate shakes ain't got nothing on this." - Sadie

"This place has really good food, and the best part is they allow pets! Best for breakfast or lunch or dragging your friends along to. Highly recommended." - Natalie

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