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Janettes Beach Party 240708

At Janette's beach party on a sweltering day by Sidney Beach, recently ravaged by a tidal wave, the mood among the attendees fluctuated with interactions that ranged from lighthearted teasing to introspective conversations. Harriet, Jayanth, Rachel, Konstantin, and others discussed various subjects, including the easily embarrassed Vinny, as they navigated the clutter of broken lawn furniture. Amid these interactions, Rachel expressed her intention to leave, sparking a brief moment of tension as Konstantin requested a private word. Similarly, Meridith and Jodie shared updates on their romantic lives, touching on fears of wolves and the dynamics of small-town dating.

The party continued with the arrival of newcomers, including Donovan on crutches, guided by Fayad, and the warm greetings exchanged hinted at the close-knit nature of this community. As the day went on, discussions veered from the practical—inquiring about where to buy a bicycle—to the whimsical, as participants discussed the absence of wolves in town and contemplated the cool relief of the ocean nearby. Trevor's late arrival injected a new energy into the gathering, his playful banter with Sara about the heat and his introduction to Donovan marked the party's shifting dynamics. As the sun set on Sidney Beach, the party drew to a close with the attendees connected by their shared experiences, albeit under the shadow of recent natural turmoil and the relentless summer heat.
(Janette's beach party)

[Sun Jul 7 2024]

At the Diner Firepit Overlooking Sidney Beach
A lush lawn on a gentle slope has been obliterated by a recent tidal wave, sand and debris clogging up the once-cozy spot. The lawn furniture set up for the HomeTown Diner just to the west has been strewn about, busted and broken in the waves.

It is afternoon, about 102F(38C) degrees,

Harriet cocks her head some as she listens to Janette's reply to Jayanth. "Goodness," is what comes out past her soft lips.

"Poor Vinny was mortified," Janette protests, though the faintest ghost of a smile tugs at her own lips for all her voiced reluctance.

Harriet hmms and then insists to Janette, "I feel like a grain of sand could have mortified poor Vinnie."

About halfway through her bottle, Rachel stands, twisting left and right to loosen up. "Well," she says to the group - mostly Harriet, Meridith, and Konstantin, given the recent string of conversation. "Think it's time for me to head back. Good seeing you all."

"Well, yes... Alright I'll give you that," Janette concedes with a laugh. "Still..."

Meridith nods to Rachel. "Likewise, it was good seeing you," and rises up to nod to her. "Let me know when you wanna chat."

About halfway through her bottle, Rachel stands, twisting left and right to loosen up. "Well," she says to the group - mostly Harriet, Meridith, and Konstantin, given the recent string of conversation. "Think it's time for me to head back. Good seeing you all." (re)

Jayanth's attention shifts from the conversation to the departing Rachel and he steps over to her, holding out his hand. "Good to have you with us Rei, don't be a stranger yeah?"

Konstantin blinks a few times, having been daydreaming.

Konstantin(lost connection for about 5-10 mins)

Konstantin looks aside at Rachel, rising from his seat himself. "I want a word, let's go talk."

Harriet offers up a farewell wave to Rachel. "Have a wonderful rest of your day," she bids her.

Rachel shifts her bottle to her left hand so she can give Jayanth's a good shake. "For sure."

Yikes, though. 'A word' usually doesn't bode well. Rachel should've said she was staying. Too late. "You too, Harry."

"Nice little party", Konstantin tells Janette, having only really been here a moment before moving on.

Jodie gradually people start to slip away from the fire pit though this doesn't bother the trailer park chick who's just enjoying her beer and cigarettes. It does get quieter though and in the space between people talking she is able to ask Meridith, "You seeing anyone Meri?"

Meridith nods to Jodie. "Yeah, dating Sara. Pleasant gal, she's afraid of...uh, wolves. So you two'll have to meet soon and chat I think." She smiles. "What about you? Anyone you seeing?"

"Nah, not really." Jodie tells Meridith, "No one regular at least." she smirks at this then swirls the liquid in her bottle with an idle shake of her hand. People who drink will realize she's checking it for how much is left. "You know, I don't think there is a single wolf in town right now."

Janette says "it isn't just at night."
Meridith nods to Jodie. "I am sure there's some, hiding maybe. Gotta see a strong wolf holding their own to encourage 'em maybe?" She asks with a little shrug.

Harriet relays, "There are a couple of wolves around. I hear them every night near my home."

Jodie says "Eh, I don't like responsibility"
Meridith says "Yeah I know of two."
Jodie ahs at Meridith's words as they are whispered to her. She just nods her head a few times after and makes no comment

Jayanth raises an eyebrow.

Meridith nods giving Jodie a brief smirk then back to Janette. "What led to that?" she asks, curiously.

Janette says "like, I'll give you what you ask for or just tell you I don't have it but you gotta make up your own damn mind."
Jodie cracks a smile at Janette's story, she clearly finds it pretty amusing but she doesn't actually offer and input

Fayad approaches very quietly, guiding a man on crutches. His eyes dart about the beach, and he perspires in the heat, approaching towards Janette.

Donovan hobbles back in at the side of Fayad with a small nod, perching atop the edge of a bench and setting his crutches down onto the sand.

Jodie lifts her beer towards Donovan and Fayad in a silent greeting to them at their arrival. She says nothing to either for now.

Fayad quietly greets, raising a hand with pink-painted nails, "Um, hello. Raven, right?", he murmurs towards Jayanth. "I've seen you on Myhaven."

Fayad says "I'm, um, not a sports...guy."
Meridith smiles warmly at Sara moving to give her a tight hug. "Good to see you," she tells her sincerely.

Sara sits down beside Meridith, wrapping her arms around her. "You too," she smiles.

"Hey freckles." Jodie greets Sara with a brief smile. She pats the lid of the cooler at her side and lets Sara know, "There is beer and other things."

Donovan murmurs a 'thank you' to Fayad and scrutinizes the lemonade for a moment before taking a sip.

Fayad doesn't make eye contact, sitting awkwardly on a bench and focusing on his lemonade. "You, um, invited me so I didn't want to be rude," he murmurs.

Jodie finishes off her other beer then pushes to her feet with a soft groan. "Whelp, thats it for me for now." then she tips her head to Meridith, "See ya."

Donovan says "Ah, speaking of bikes, does anyone know where I might purchase a bicycle in this town? I am... well, not exactly in the best condition to ride it, but I'd still like to know."
Fayad leans against Donovan, ensuring to stay close. "I'm not sure. Everything I go to is usually on the same street so I just walk," he mutters.

Sara slides back in next to Meridith, looping arms about her waist.

Fayad glances at his phone and makes to respond.

Meridith hugs around Sara, holding her gently.

Sara says "Did I miss all the good things?"
Janette rolls the colourful beachball off her lap and nudges it with her foot towards one of the coolers.

Meridith shrugs. "Noooo."

"I'd say I'm surprised, but I'm not," Sara smiles to Meridith, kissing her on the cheek.

Sara waves at Trevor.

Fayad flushes at something on his phone, cheeks dusky as he buries himself into his lemonade after putting the phone away, smiling faintly.

Trevor wanders onto the beach, stretching as he walks. He gives a wave to the already gathered crowd of plenty of people, smiling at everyone. "Hey," he says, his voice not loud, but not all that soft, like he doesn't want to ruin any conversations in progress, but does want to announce his presence.

Fayad says "Um, hello.."
"Oh good," Jayanth groans, waving Trevor over and gesturing to the drinks cooler.

Donovan glances over his shoulder at Trevor and offers a cordial nod and a wave. "Hello there."

Janette's face brightens significantly and she practically leaps from her seat, turning to Trevor. "Ooooh! I was getting worried you weren't going to make it back in time. Is Cal with you? She did mention she might come later, how're you!"

"Oh good?" Trevor asks with a little bit of a smirk that creeps into his features. He wanders over to a cooler, "Unfortunately," the man says, bending to steal something from one of them. "I did NOT bring my own drinks," he reaches in, pulling out a beer bottle. "So, I'll be stealing one of these." With a stolen beer in hand, Trevor looks over to Janette, and gasps. "Oh no, did I lose..." he trails off then, that smirk still on his face. "No, she's not with me. She's coming later, I believe," and with that, Trevor is wandering over to plop himself into an empty seat by the benches.

"Oh, hey," Trevor seems to finally realize, and aims a nod and smile towards Donovan. "I'm Trevor," he says, turning then towards Jayanth. "Oh, shit, yeah? Volleyball?" He snorts a little, "Can't say I'm a big volleyhead, or whatever, but, that seems like a good time. Gimme like..." he shrugs, "ten minutes? To settle down and we can play?"

Donovan pipes up with an introduction of his own, aiming it mostly at Trevor but also to all present. "Ah- I'm Donovan Rowland. I'm new to town. Pleasure to make your acquaintance, sir."

Meridith shifts and looks more comfortable, leaning on Sara.

"Nice to meet you, Mister Rowland," Trevor replies with his usual cheery self. "So," he says, running a hand through his hair. "Y'all seem quiet as shit," he mentions rather out of the blue. "What's the topic of this party?"

Sara crosses her feet at the ankles, sweeping her sarong around her legs.

Sara says "I think it's don't die of heat."
Fayad nods.

Donovan says "It's entirely too hot... I don't fare well in the summertime. I also don't- usually attend parties."
Donovan laughs sheepishly.

Fayad says "I s-sort of dragged him along with em.."
Fayad says "me. "
"It has been ages since I've been to any sort of party," Sara muses.

Trevor snorts a laugh at that, "Well," he says, looking Sara over. "Have you tried pouring the lemonade on your head?" At the rather useless suggestion, Trevor reaches up, lowering his sunglasses to give the woman a peek of his blue eyes - they're twinkling a little with mischief.

He turns then, back to Donovan and Fayad, "Well, I suppose that's fair," he tilts his head, staring back up at the sky a moment. "It IS rather hot," the words are casual, "But, well, what can we do? There is the water, that probably helps."