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Aristotle Wilson

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Aristotle Wilson

a biracial, hazel-eyed youth with a perpetual brood

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“Some live a life of service while others live to enjoy the service of others.”
Mitta Xinindlu

Character Info

Gender Male
Birth Date February 9th, 2000
Birth Place Haven, MA
Archetype Special Deputy
Society N/A
Affiliations Haven Sheriff's Department
Sins “Sloth”



so, for what is left, I'll tag along
i'll play the part of someone I like
that mirror, mirage...
give me a call if you ever get lonely
i'll be like one of your girls


Mine.” – Avi

“It is always beneficial to be friends with a lax police officer.” – Lex

“My lovely Sigma brother - such a dork, but in the best way possible.” – Cinnabon

“Leave a message at the beep.” – Character Name?
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