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Gertrude Brown

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Gertrude Brown

Gertrude is an all-way Havenite: born from a family of locals, raised in town, married to a local. Her connection to the Moores comes from when she was still a child, and her parents lived in the trailer park, but eventually they moved on - then she moved on.

Marrying with John Brown was like a dream come true, a shortlived fairy tale, Gertrude's uneducated and misguided view of 'reaching womanhood', growing up. The simple ceremony in the Town Hall was followed by an honeymoon week in Boston, and from that moment on, the newlywed's lives were spent in making sure the bills for their appartment are paid in time, month after month. There isn't much to say about Gertrude's circle of friends - marrying with John meant officially joining his own circle of friends, which has been thinning over time, and that mostly include redlighters and (ex- and actual) deputies in the HSD.

Gertrude's five minutes of fame are 'five minutes' she could very well lived without: after managing to have a stable job working as a clerk on one of Wilson's businesses for more than a decade, a robbery gone wrong had her as a victim, and the shop was robbed while she was under gunpoint. That got her photo on the Courier, but the Wilsons didn't like the bad publicity, and she had to be let go. From that on, she has worked where she can find some, but it hasn't been easy.

Under the radar: