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Jill Crest

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Dr. Jill Crest

Accomplished neurologist. Experimental therapist. Hopeful ballerina.

What I'm Doing in Haven

Dr. Jill Crest is commited to research at White Oak after abandoning an old project for the United States Government. She bides her time in the mysterious town of Haven where she is able to momentarily escape scrutiny. She finds herself in trouble often whether or not she conciously seeks it out on her own.

Fitting in a Supernatural World

Jill Crest has lived a mostly normal existence. She brushed off the more abnormal sightings the same as everyone does. It wasn't until her arrival to Haven and subsequent interactions with the locals that she began to notice the world was not as it really appeared to be. Now she inestigates, going toe to toe with the forces that lurk around her.

Coping with the Lurking Horrors

The ever foolhardy doctor gets by however she can. Some encounters bring her to an actionable determination while others bring her to hystical laughter. She copes with quick wit and a tongue prone to making humour out of whatever trouble she has found herself in. She is however no coward, and is in fact quite reckless when it comes to her own curiosity. She also carries a revolver and has a vendetta against the rat army.

More About Me

Jill Crest is a somewhat silly character but takes things seriously when necessary and in certain company. She faces the antagonist horrors and bold encounters with zeal. She's a doctor afterall, what's a little blood here and there? Jill is prone to mental hijinks hypnotic shenanigans, and mesmerizing mischief. She does not shy away from playing with minds or having her own mind influenced.