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Name: Korina Should be easy to edit colours here

Archetype: Wildling

Faction: The Hand

Occupation: Potion Seller

Theme Song: Won't Bite


What I'm Doing in Haven

I was raised in the Other, even if I've ended up tied to a companion from Earth, so there's really no better place to be to stay close to my origins. My work requires me to have access to the Gates, and really, I just enjoy getting to be myself somewhere less crowded and polluted than Earth is. I'm just experiencing the best of both worlds, as they say.

Where I Fit in a Supernatural World

I started out as a Human, but I've made my place; staying 'natural' isn't a choice if one wants to be strong. Sure, I've lost many parts of myself in the process - the combination of magic, drugs, and a tendency to give in to your primal instincts makes sure of it - but I've gained all the power I wanted with a thirst for more, and I'd make the choice again if I had to.

How I Cope with the Lurking Horrors

I'm gonna bite 'em.

RP Hooks

Feral - Those who spend time around me will get an inkling of my not-quite-Human tendencies quite quickly.

Alchemist - I have wares if you have coin. I'm just setting up base in the previously-abandoned Elik's Commune for those looking for my services in alchemy, ritualism, or arcanism in general.

Wild Child - I'm not quite from around these parts, and I'm not too friendly towards most people for various reasons, but I hold respect for fellow Wildlings and Faelings.

Bottomless Pit - I'm usually hungry and I like being fed. The hand that feeds may end up bitten, though there's no better way to get on my good side...


I'm open to all sorts of antagonism, both giving and taking, though I appreciate check-ins for anything too intense, just to make sure boundaries are respected! If you antagonize Korina, you should probably be prepared for retaliation, but you're always free to opt-out of a scene with me by sending me a tell, with no hard feelings.