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 Sloth (Accidie)

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What I'm Doing in Haven

Under the guise of an ordinary upbringing, Kylia was adopted from an orphanage and underwent a systematic process of indoctrination, where beliefs in the superiority of supernatural beings over humanity were instilled in her impressionable mind.

At the heart of Kylia's indoctrination was the concept of servitude to the supernatural elite. She was molded into a loyal and obedient servant. The concept of slavery was reframed as an honor, a privilege bestowed upon those deemed worthy to serve beings of superior power.

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RP Hooks

  • Self-made victim - Kylia is often a target of supernatural predation though weather she's a victim of feeding or an enabler of it depends on who you ask. She seems to encourage it.
  • Engineer - She enjoyed a privileged upbringing and education when adopted. She is a brilliant engineer.
  • Groomer - She's earned the ire of virtuous societies by trying to groom other aware humans for the supernatural elite. There are likewise rumours of her assisting in the corruption of virtuous supernaturals by easing them into feeding.
  • Gregarious - Seems to really enjoy company.

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"Seeing, hearing, and speaking evil are all deeds that I can consciously prevent myself from doing. However, that alone won’t purge all evil from the world. In contrast to sharing joy with others, sympathizing with the sorrow of others is certain to be an unduly shallow exercise. Turn a blind eye to all that hurts me. Turn a deaf ear to words that will lead me down to the wrong path. Turn a mute mouth to unnecessary evil. And last of all, act not. Make myself happy that way.


I could no longer perceive anything."

"I'm pretty sure we both died in that forest." - J

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