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Martin Lowe

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 Martin Lowe
 27 (?)
 Teaching Assistant

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What I'm Doing in Haven

Martin Lowe was born in Haven, the second child of yet another nobody selling their youth in the various seedy clubs and bars of Haven for a quick buck. Born into careless sin, neglect and uncertainty, one could easily guess by looking at his circumstances that he was not going to go too far in life, but through his sister and sheer stubbornness; he clung on, eventually managing to score himself into a rather unimpressive Associate's program in Emergency Management in a community college.

Through starvation, neglect and destitution, Martin steeled himself, managing to graduate from college with lackluster grades if one was being honest, but lots of experience from his various scams and attempts at street crime. He had no loyalties and served no one but himself after him and his sister drifted away over time, but then...

Where I Fit in a World of Monsters

If one was to observe, it would be no secret that Martin was using his newfound powers to execute his muggings with supernatural speed, strength and precision, leaving minimal time for witnesses or unnecessary evidence. His entry to the actual world of the Supernatural would start when he tried to mug a well-guarded member of the Hand, promptly getting beaten to submission. For that man, the young Martin was a perfect candidate to be pressed into the service of the Peacekeepers Division, an obvious, desperate supernatural with no money, no purpose and nothing to lose, but much to gain.

A few days later, Martin's log was entered into the manifest of the Hand Peacekeepers, and from that point on he would go on various 'trips' around the world to do their bidding, all the dirty work one could imagine.

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RP Hooks

'Commander of Crises' - Martin is all too proud of his unimpressive Associate's degree in Emergency Management, he will gladly hop onto any opportunity to utilize his expertise.

Teaching Assistant - Martin works at the White Oak college for meager pay as a (junior) Teaching Assistant, one could easily find that out and confront him about it, for assistance or else.

Number 1 Haven Fan - Despite all he has suffered within it, Martin still loves his little hometown and is proud of it. He will be more than happy to get to know tourists, visitors and his fellow locals and help them as necessary.

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"Too polite, and too fond of Facebook memes... But you're alright, Lowe." - Tomás

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