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Tabitha Matheson

Tabitha (Tabby) Matheson

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Character Info

Gender Female
Birth Date February 4, 1998
Birth Place Haven, Massachussets
Description a blue-eyed redhead with a smattering of freckles
Archetype Gifted/Sensitive/Angelborn
Cult/Sect Those Seeking Redemption


Having spent a few years living the pauper's life in New York, struggling here and there with the odd job, Tabitha returned home. Initially, to care for her parents. Now? Haven has its hold, and it twists its knife. She's in a constant battle with a destiny that someone else has laid out for her, fighting the darker urges that often plague her. Those desires that whisper in her ear and churn in her gut. She's sought out powerful magic without fully grasping what that power means in her hands. Will it be her end? Or will she be Queen?

RP Hooks and Abilities

The Mundane
Visual Artist
Amateur photographer, and potter.
Returned to White Oaks for a BA; major undefined but with a proclivity to Supernatural studies

A Slice of the Supernatural
Susceptible to victimization
Forgives but does not forget
Sensitive Nature
Sees the things no one wants to see
Member of the Coven
Dark Arts Specialties (for righteous reasons?)
Seeking Teacher(s)



Then he leans in and lets slip the name of his crush, the breath breaking his lips such that it's clear to all who hear his ringing word that he's naught told this secret aloud, until now: "Tabitha."
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