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Tomas Inigo

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Tomás Inigo

an athletic, hawk-faced man

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Down to earth - but still above you.

Character Info

Gender Male
Birth Date December 25ᵗʰ, 1996
Birth Place Haven, MA
Archetype Demonborn
Society The Hand
Affiliations The Inigos
Sins Pride & Wrath



I defy the crooked little smiles of them
I defy the beady little eyes of them
Execution of a useless plan
Execution of a worthless man

What are the rules for breakfast today?
What are the words I'm forbidden to say?
I need to let my hair down and grow up like a real ass bitch

What could I say?
I was far away
You just walked away
And I just watched you

There is nothing you could do
That I have not already done to myself
Never wanted to dance with nobody
But you wouldn't take no for an answer
You fucking bitch



“I am fond of my siblings. I adore my cousin. There is a difference – one is shallow.” – Lexie
“You hit like a fucking truck, but you're not so bad.” – J
“They say one time he flexed too fast and the sonic boom was heard five towns over.” – Sam

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