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A demigod refers to anybody with divine ancestry. Demigods usually inherit some small degree of the perfection of their parents, they tend to be more attractive, more physically capable, more resistant to disease and injury, to heal quicker and age more slowly. They often also tend to have a psychological pre-disposition towards their god's aspects, the descendant of a thunder god for instance may enjoy being out in storms.

Sex with a demigod temporarily halts aging.

Demigods receive additional stagger when struck with radioactively augmented weapons.


Tier Two


This archetype represents humans with some God blood in them, but those who are fairly new and inexperienced with their powers.

Tier Three

Demigod Veteran

This archetype represents a human with god blood who's been supernatural and active in the supernatural community for at least ten years.

Tier Four

Ageless Demigod

This archetype represents a human with god blood who's moved beyond aging and has many decades of experience as an active member of the supernatural world. They also sometimes have the blood of one of the high gods running through their veins, such as Zeus or Odin.

Tier Five

God Child

This archetype represents humans who have a divine parent, being half human and half god.